Denton Juice Co. wants your cash so they can buy a pair of those pants that says "Juicy" on the rear. 

Denton Juice Co. wants your cash so they can buy a pair of those pants that says "Juicy" on the rear. 

Every once in a while, we like to take a look into the crowdfunding (sourcing money from local friends, family and invested peoples to help fund your project or idea) scene in Denton. Last month, we highlighted Bookish Coffee's campaign for a new roaster, Rabbit Hole Brewing's biergarten plans and some lady's horse movie-thing. Two of the three we discussed were funded. We'll let you figure out which won't be fully-funded by the end of it's run (hint: it's the one that doesn't involve a stimulant or depressant). Four weeks later, and we have another in a long list of projects Dentonites have in the works. Have a look through the following three Kickstarter campaigns (nothing from Indiegogo this month) and decide for yourself if one tickles your fancy. If so, hurry over to their Kickstarter page and donate. 

Top Notch Juice for Denton Juice Co. 

First up this month, we have a campaign started by Denton Juice Co. Much like Bookish Coffee last month, your favorite mobile juice bar wants to step up their machinery for larger production. They’re looking to purchase a few new-fangled juicers, a trailer to haul ‘em around in and a few odds and ends, as well. They need $10,000, altogether, and they have until June 9th to get it. We wonder if they can get a juicer that’ll keep their famed "Unicorn Blood" juice blend from staining our t-shirts, but we're not holding our breath. Pledge $200 and you get to create your own juice concoction. As little as $5 gets you their eternal gratitude. So if you’re the type that feels under-appreciated on Saturday mornings, go ahead and donate to this campaign. Then, head down to the community market every Saturday from here to the end of time to be thanked profusely by the folks behind Denton Juice Co. Eternal gratitude is no small feat. 

REM - An Independent Feature Film 

REM is being billed as a Denton film-making super project of sorts. While at this point, we’re not sure if that’s something to shake a stick at or not, Remington Blake and the group behind REM have already garnered the attention of many fine folks (they even got district 1 city councilman, Kevin Roden, to host a fundraiser for them at his house). While the video description leaves us feeling the movie has the potential to be a little collegiate and affected, the talent involved leaves us hopeful and we know for sure that it will look pretty at the very least. REM is looking to raise $8,000 before June 4th. A pledge of $25 gets you a digital copy of the movie after it’s hopeful festival run.

Robert Gomez - Earth Underfoot 

Having recently released an album full of adaptations of Robert Olen Butler poems about decapitated heads (2012’s Severance Songs), Gomez has once more turned to Kickstarter to fund his new record. Gomez previously ran a Kickstarter promotion in the summer of 2011 for his aforementioned Severance Songs album. The campagain was successfully funded in Denton and the album was great. This time around, he’s looking for a total of $2,100 to assure this album is “well recorded.” If Gomez is involved, we’re sure it will be. $500 nets you dinner prepared by Señor Decapito, himself, but as little as $1 gets you a, “Thank you” blurb on his website. Funding runs through June 7th.