Tonight, Heather Gregory and Tristan Bynum of Maker Space (read our Maker Space Denton Intervieware teaming up with recently re-elected city councilman Kevin Roden and the brains behind the Denton Community Market to host the second Denton Creatives Mixer. If you missed the first one last October at Oak Street Draft House, we suggest not making that mistake again.

Our fine friends from Triple Threat Press, The DIME Store, Pan Ector, The Denton Community Market and Maker Space will be sharing their unique perspectives of starting a creative business in Denton. Each of them have their own set of challenges they've faced and their own set of challenges in their different fields. We love that through this mixer the creative class can come together and celebrate the progress in this city - which is so beautifully strengthened by its diversity. 

We recommend making your way down to Oak Street Draft House tonight at 5:30, grabbing a Quakertown Stout and chatting it up with the other creatives in our city. Children are apparently welcome at Oak Street until sundown, so if you're unable to get a sitter, it's time to introduce your son or daughter to the game of cornhole. Make sure to come prepared, though. Have your business card in your sweaty little hand and gel disinfectant at the ready. There will be lots of hands to shake. Who knows - maybe you'll meet just the person you've been looking for to launch your next endeavor. At the very least you can hear Kevin Roden tell you why, "Denton is a woman," or buy some endive off of Pete Kamp.