The traffic got a little lighter this week. Our already sleepy town got a little sleepier and then with the heat, sleepier still. After spending an hour staring into the sun at the Denton Creatives Mixer on Monday, you're probably ready to not really leave the house until the sun's down. It's time to start finding those apartment pools to sneak into for late night swimming and drinking warm PBR's. It's time for chili cook-offs, Fourth of July plans and vacations near the water. There's the way the sun hits the square in the summer that makes it smell like even the dust is getting a sunburn. Somehow that's just a reminder that summer is here and it's not going away until the town gets flooded with fresh young faces clad in the latest Urban Outfitter's catalog - who heard that Denton had a really great "scene", who are "really excited about classes" and have adorable questions like "what's your major?". As inevitable as all that is, the only thing there really is to wrap your head around is how to fully, and slowly, soak up the very unique Denton Summer experience. Time to start making plans.


Wednesday May 15
New Science Projects / Old Potion / Claire Morales / Daniel Folmer | Gloves | 9PM | $5
There's been quite a trend of solid shows at the Gloves lately and we're hoping it continues.

Sculpture Collective Show | UNT On The Square | 6PM
Put on by the Institute For The Advancement Of The Arts and The College Of Visual Arts And Design. Check out UNT's talent pool while enjoying Vietnamese food at this opening reception.

Thursday May 16
Savage & The Big Beat / Bashe / Sophmore | Dan's | 9PM | $5
The fellas that brought you Jurassic Park The Musical are headlining Thursday at Dan's with the intention of fully entertaining you for five dollars.

Friday May 17
Wayne "The Train" Hancock | Dan's | 9PM | $12
Wayne's commanding performances of the classic country swing form will be on display this Friday on Dan's stage. If you haven't caught him, you need to. Learn how to two-step and get to it.


Saturday May 18
Space Camp Death Squad / Tijuana Bible / M.C. Sex / Catastica | Gloves | 9PM | $5

The Ladies of Spiderweb Salon Showcase | J&J's | 8PM | $3
Comedy by Sarah Vaughn? Yes, please! Of course there's also a shadow puppet performance among the readings and playings of instruments. This is going to be a zany night of local zaniness that will be well worth your hard earned 3 Washingtons.

Taco Fest 2K13 | Taqueria El Picante | 2PM | $5 both days
This is our type of fest am I right? Dollar tacos, vegan tacos, raffles, a mustache seesaw, rad games and activities and - oh yeah, 2 stages of bands playing into the wee hours of the morn. There will also be a first aid kit on standby which is good because some people say "safety first" but I say "safety always".

Natural Beauty Products with Ayrton Chapman | Cardo's Farm Project | 10AM | $45
Tips that go beyond "consider bathing daily" like how to make your own natural lip balm, deodorant and lotion. This three hour workshop presented by Ayrton sounds like a nice and educational way to spend a Saturday morning. Register at

Duchman Family Wine Dinner | The Chestnut Tree | 7PM | $50
A wine dinner hosted by Chestnut Tree and featuring pairings with offerings from the Duchman Family Winery. The cost includes four courses of Italian inspired food featuring local produce and four wines to go with it. Of course a Duchmen rep will be educating you about the tastings which, if successful, will finally have you thinking more than "that tastes like grapes" afterwards.


Sunday May 19
Theatrum Sub Rosa Presents: Wet Hot American Summer | Paschall Bar | 5PM | FREE
The secret society of film enthusiasts that is Theatrum Sub Rosa returns this Sunday with the start of their summer series kicking it off with the comedy classic, Wet Hot American Summer. Sip your sazeracs and old fashioneds and enjoy this film to kick off what is sure to be the best summer of your entire life ever.

Taco Fest 2K13 | Taqueria El Picante | 2PM | $5 both days

Monday May 20
PANTS Steamroller Printing Extravaganza | Cool Beans | 11AM
Hosted by the always industrious Printmaking Association of North Texas, this event seems to be continuing the live printing trend. There's nothing wrong with folks getting together and making art now is there? There's nothing wrong with those Cool Beans chili dogs either.