A Day in Austin - Golden Empire

In this picture. Eazy tattoing inline skater Brian Freeman.

During a busy day in Austin I sat down with Eazy, tattoo artist and owner of Golden Empire. I asked him a few questions about his company and where it is heading. This is what he had to say.

WDDI: Tell me about Golden Empire.

Eazy: Golden Empire is an underground circle of artists from different backgrounds: fashion,skating,music and tattooing.We represent art in different forms for the new school.

WDDI:Who creates the designs and how are they made?

Eazy: I create all the concepts for the designs then work with a couple of artists and collaborate for the final draft. I choose the artist depending on their design. Some are more hand drawn and others more graphic art.

WDDI: What inspires your work?

Eazy: I get inspiration from everywhere...books,tattoos,music,cartoons, (laughs) often in the most unexpected places. Lately, alot from my daughter. Seeing how she reacts to things for the 1st time

WDDI: How did you get into tattoing?

Eazy: I first got really interested in tattoos in 6th grade.Me and a couple friends tattooed tiny dots on ourselves with a needle and Indian ink.I was hooked. I didnt get serious about tattooing till I was 22. I got my first gun from my girlfriend on my b-day and got to it

WDDI: What is your goal for the brand?

Eazy: My goal is to build a brand that encompasses everything we stand for and gives us the opportunity to tour, and share our art through music, fashion, tattooing and skating.


Photographs by Stanton Stevens

This is a short interview with my good friend and local fashion designer
Rachel Nichelson. I asked her a few questions while I was ironing and I
hope I'm not miss-quoting her. Side note, I also do all my sewing at her
 --Christiana Shoto
Shoto: So Rachel, tell me a little about your line, your life, fashion,
trends, the future; oh, and some life advice... cool?

Rachel Nichelson: Sure!. Started my line in 2005, a year after graduating from
the University of North Texas with a BFA in Fashion Design.  Over the
years my little line has grown and developed.  I love designing new
collections and always aim to create better designs and fresh looks.  I
am in love right now with my Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

CS: Trends you are into right now?

RN: Tights worn with Shorts. Simple, but love it! Also I really like Sperry Topsiders and would love to have a vintage pair.

CS: What can’t you live without?  


RN: Cardigans and really good fitting jeans. Which is basically my uniform.

CS: What do you take from vintage?

Details and elements of a piece vs a literal copy of a garment, for
example I love the 20s and like to use the pleating details and dropped
waist lines in my designs, but I give them a modern fresh touch with
fabric and the way the garment


CS: Your line is produced in the US. Why?

There is something to be said about knowing who is making your clothes
and the conditions they are working in...peace of mind you know?  My
process is simple.  I make all my patterns, samples, source all my
fabrics and trims, made my website, represent myself to buyers. You get
the Idea?  I use a pattern maker for my grading(sizing of garments) and I
contract to a local cutter and garment makers for large orders.

CS: Notable quote?

RN: cool people inspire me... :) my friends.  

Some of Nichelson's other inspirations:

I have been looking a lot at N.E.E.T. magazine lately. And its blog.

I also love to look at Design Sponge.  I love everything, especially the recipe page... love the photos of food!

Like to read Readymade

Love this blog, for crafts to do with my little kidlin's: Growing Up Creative

My line, Madeline Wood.

I am always searching for fashion/life style/creative blogs, or websites
and discovering new places of inspiration.  Movies too!  Is this too
much?  I could just go on and on...

"Just because someone doesn't like it doesn't mean that someone else wont love it!" - Rachel Nichelson



Styled by Christina Shoto and Rachel Nichelson
MakeUp by Cierra Geer
Hair by Christina Shoto
Models: Kirby Sandifer & Jessi James

Photographs by Stanton Stevens

Leather and Lace

By: By Lisa Townsend, Owner of Time Bandits vintage

As we transition into cooler temperatures, I can’t help but “fall” in love with the classic looks that this time of year brings. Fashion seems largely inspired by the transformation all around. And just like the revolving weather cycle, the forecast of fashionable trends has come full circle. With that said, I’m happy to introduce to you, once again, LEATHER and LACE!

80’s Roberto Cavalli leather trousers (top featured below)

Whether used in a combo or as statement pieces on their own, leather and lace are eternally essential to a true fashionista! Below are a few items which embody some key details to look out for this season!

80’s Victorian witch boots 80’s Victorian ruffled ascot blouse

Victorian inspired looks are all the rage right now, though should be incorporated moderately lest you look like you’re channeling an Emily Bronte novel. Though personally, I don’t mind looking a little over the top at times?!

80’s asymmetric cut-out heeled boots

Another staple element, and a personal favorite, Asymmetry! This can easily be incorporated in a myriad of ways ranging from hair, make-up, hemlines, and of course...accessories! 60’s scalloped lace bell sleeve crop top

80’s lace tiered flutter sleeve top

Lace tops with bonus details such as scalloped trimming or tiered flutter sleeves can really vamp up an otherwise simple outfit. 80’s metal mesh and vinyl handbag

60’s patent leather doctor style handbag

Finally, anyone not feelin’ the leather look for ethical reasons, such as vegetarians or vegans, can always opt for vinyl or patent leather, while others may take comfort in vintage leather goods considering they are recycled fashion :)


By Christina Shoto, co-owner of Local vintage shop, Circa 77

I was chatting with my roommates the other morning when I looked down and got inspired; boots, so simple and easy for both men and women to wear.  Could the word of the day be Utilitarian?

People have been wearing combat boots since the first World War, Chukka and red wings since the 40's and 50's. The thing about great pieces is they will always be in fashion even as trends change. I love these styles of boots because you can find them new or used at your local thrift or vintage store and the look of distressed boots is often better than a new pair. Boots are versatile right now, which means one pair of good boots can work for a variety of occasions, both relaxed and formal.

Each pic shows a different style of boot coupled with a nice way to wear them.

a. desert boots (chukka boots) with socks and a cuffed jean

b. vintage red wing wabashas

c.  combat boots  with jeans tucked in

Fall to Winter with classics, and I know seasons will not matter - I think I read that in the New York Times