Photographs by Stanton Stevens

This is a short interview with my good friend and local fashion designer
Rachel Nichelson. I asked her a few questions while I was ironing and I
hope I'm not miss-quoting her. Side note, I also do all my sewing at her
 --Christiana Shoto
Shoto: So Rachel, tell me a little about your line, your life, fashion,
trends, the future; oh, and some life advice... cool?

Rachel Nichelson: Sure!. Started my line in 2005, a year after graduating from
the University of North Texas with a BFA in Fashion Design.  Over the
years my little line has grown and developed.  I love designing new
collections and always aim to create better designs and fresh looks.  I
am in love right now with my Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

CS: Trends you are into right now?

RN: Tights worn with Shorts. Simple, but love it! Also I really like Sperry Topsiders and would love to have a vintage pair.

CS: What can’t you live without?  


RN: Cardigans and really good fitting jeans. Which is basically my uniform.

CS: What do you take from vintage?

Details and elements of a piece vs a literal copy of a garment, for
example I love the 20s and like to use the pleating details and dropped
waist lines in my designs, but I give them a modern fresh touch with
fabric and the way the garment


CS: Your line is produced in the US. Why?

There is something to be said about knowing who is making your clothes
and the conditions they are working in...peace of mind you know?  My
process is simple.  I make all my patterns, samples, source all my
fabrics and trims, made my website, represent myself to buyers. You get
the Idea?  I use a pattern maker for my grading(sizing of garments) and I
contract to a local cutter and garment makers for large orders.

CS: Notable quote?

RN: cool people inspire me... :) my friends.  

Some of Nichelson's other inspirations:

I have been looking a lot at N.E.E.T. magazine lately. And its blog.

I also love to look at Design Sponge.  I love everything, especially the recipe page... love the photos of food!

Like to read Readymade

Love this blog, for crafts to do with my little kidlin's: Growing Up Creative

My line, Madeline Wood.

I am always searching for fashion/life style/creative blogs, or websites
and discovering new places of inspiration.  Movies too!  Is this too
much?  I could just go on and on...

"Just because someone doesn't like it doesn't mean that someone else wont love it!" - Rachel Nichelson



Styled by Christina Shoto and Rachel Nichelson
MakeUp by Cierra Geer
Hair by Christina Shoto
Models: Kirby Sandifer & Jessi James

Photographs by Stanton Stevens