A Day in Austin - Golden Empire

In this picture. Eazy tattoing inline skater Brian Freeman.

During a busy day in Austin I sat down with Eazy, tattoo artist and owner of Golden Empire. I asked him a few questions about his company and where it is heading. This is what he had to say.

WDDI: Tell me about Golden Empire.

Eazy: Golden Empire is an underground circle of artists from different backgrounds: fashion,skating,music and tattooing.We represent art in different forms for the new school.

WDDI:Who creates the designs and how are they made?

Eazy: I create all the concepts for the designs then work with a couple of artists and collaborate for the final draft. I choose the artist depending on their design. Some are more hand drawn and others more graphic art.

WDDI: What inspires your work?

Eazy: I get inspiration from everywhere...books,tattoos,music,cartoons, (laughs) often in the most unexpected places. Lately, alot from my daughter. Seeing how she reacts to things for the 1st time

WDDI: How did you get into tattoing?

Eazy: I first got really interested in tattoos in 6th grade.Me and a couple friends tattooed tiny dots on ourselves with a needle and Indian ink.I was hooked. I didnt get serious about tattooing till I was 22. I got my first gun from my girlfriend on my b-day and got to it

WDDI: What is your goal for the brand?

Eazy: My goal is to build a brand that encompasses everything we stand for and gives us the opportunity to tour, and share our art through music, fashion, tattooing and skating.