By Christina Shoto, co-owner of Local vintage shop, Circa 77

I was chatting with my roommates the other morning when I looked down and got inspired; boots, so simple and easy for both men and women to wear.  Could the word of the day be Utilitarian?

People have been wearing combat boots since the first World War, Chukka and red wings since the 40's and 50's. The thing about great pieces is they will always be in fashion even as trends change. I love these styles of boots because you can find them new or used at your local thrift or vintage store and the look of distressed boots is often better than a new pair. Boots are versatile right now, which means one pair of good boots can work for a variety of occasions, both relaxed and formal.

Each pic shows a different style of boot coupled with a nice way to wear them.

a. desert boots (chukka boots) with socks and a cuffed jean

b. vintage red wing wabashas

c.  combat boots  with jeans tucked in

Fall to Winter with classics, and I know seasons will not matter - I think I read that in the New York Times