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We're hosting a show at Rubber Gloves as part of their always-awesome Free Week series next Monday (yup, Labor Day). We did our best to highlight some of our favorite bands from Denton's house show circuit. Dome Dwellers, Bad Beats, Mink Coats, The Days, and The Hymens will all take the stage next Monday to kick off the week of free shows. We love all of 'em and think you will, too. We've expanded our monthly 3 Songs column to include all of the bands playing our show so you can get a little preview of sorts. Check all of the songs out below and we'll see y'all on Monday at Rubber Gloves!

Dome Dwellers - "My Halo"

Dome Dwellers will be headlining the show. Here's what we said about their song, "My Halo" a year ago. We still dig this song, and they've even gone on to release a full length that you can buy here.

We just  happened to sort of stumble across "My Halo" from Dome Dwellers. As soon as that happened, everything was immediately right with the world. Seriously, this is great stuff and hopefully a precursor of more that we’ll be seeing from this trio of dudes who have a full length coming in late October. "My Halo," itself, reminds us a bit of the Canadian band, Women, before they imploded a few years back - mathy and disjointed in the best of ways. The guitars are full of 90’s-era chimey-ness and tremolo and the math rock aspect of this tune acts as more of a hook than it does a headache - let’s just say that it’s more Algebra 1 than it is Pre-calculus. Whether they’re aware or not, this slightly epic track harkens back to the days of Denton space rock and we couldn’t be happier to be reminded of that era. Do yourself a favor and give this a listen. Heck, you can even download their entire EP for free from their bandcamp.

The Days - "Roll Tide"

(Editor’s Note: We Denton Do It shares a few members/contributors with The Days, but none of them are writing this, none of them asked for this, and we're diggin' it quite a bit. Conflict of interest be damned. While we’re at it, you wanna buy a couch from us on Craigslist?) If you’ve yet to catch The Days live or hear them in any capacity before, you’ve been missing out. These dudes sound as if The Band was fronted by a younger, less smokey Mark Lanegan. "Roll Tide" is a romp of sorts through 70's -era rock songs that'll have you stomping your feet and imagining the band pointing fingers/drumsticks at each other while they're playing. The song just sounds like sweaty chest hair. Why didn't they just name it "Sweaty Chest Hair?" Check out more material on their bandcamp.

Bad Beats - "Fight"

Possibly learning a lesson from the Beastie Boys who fought and possibly died for your right to party, Bad Beats just want you to fight what you think is right. This track is an infectious minute and fifteen seconds of blasé punk anthem. This is a catchy track thrown at you with a "take it or leave it" punk for non punks attitude that, leaves you wanting more because like we said, it's only 75 seconds long, and we love that slight house show party feel it has. Fun stuff here. 

Mink Coats - "Sun Daze"

Some of the best psychedelic surf-pop in Denton - if you've seen Ft. Worth's Space Beach, this is on the same field of existence. We're pretty happy there's a local psychedelic surf rock scene going on. "Sun Daze" is dripping in syrupy summer sludge and this tune will make you wipe the mushrooms from your eyes and dream of panda bears on tropical islands if you aren't careful. That's right, suck it up kids, this is the best pack of already-been-chewed bubbalicious around. Shoving every piece in your mouth and half drooling half chewing the explosion of flavor until it's a wet gray mass of spent underwear balled-up inside of your mouth. It's kind of an awful feeling, but there's no doubt you love it and aren't gonna stop chewing anytime soon.