Danielle Longueville

Last time we spoke of the current state of our beloved DIY house show music scene, things seemed rather bleak, to the point of what felt like an early on-set plague. However, that was just a bad week. Things aren't actually all that bad. In fact, our recent forays into homes blasting with tunes have gone pretty well. Read on for more!

This past weekend played host to the re-debut of a not-so-new house show venue, the Congress Collective. Same house, new tenants, all with a piquing interest in involving themselves in the local music scene, which is great because their location is PRIME TIME.  Thankfully, this was just the first installation of what we hope will be many shows featuring up-and-coming artists.

For those of you who may not remember, we had a chance to catch Thank You (the band) at the last Mulberry Mansion extravaganza, and man do they continue to impress. For being one of their first house shows, these guys have great showmanship, super groovy bass lines, and tasty guitar melodies that kept everyone grooving throughout the whole set. The funk is making a comeback to Denton, and we couldn’t be more eager to see what Thank You is cookin’ up for the future. Click here for a little taste, if you haven’t had one already.

Elegant Avalanche has an electronic drum-set. Yes, please! This duo, accompanied by a third-party projector operator/ trippy image aficionado was a breath of fresh air. With not one, but TWO keyboards to accompany some super sick lead vocals, Goldenjoy’s pop-esque melodies, and techno drum fills, they reminded us of when we loved Neon Indian before Alan Palomo abandoned us for Brooklyn or wherever (who’s playing a DJ set at Oaktopia, did y’all know that?). These guys have a great potential and are clearly welcome to the scene by all with open arms. Denton, you’ve redeemed yourself once again. Get yourself to a house show stat.