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Ever since Denton opened up to food trucks with much excitement in 2012, we've been a little disappointed in our lack of options. Of course, we love what we do have; The Pickled Carrot, Shiitake Swerve, Lean Machine and a few others have all been great mainstays in the Denton culinary scene, but we're always hoping for more. With Austin St. Truck Stop opening sometime within the next month or so and The Waffle Wagon entering the scene, we're thinking 2014 may be a banner year for food trucks in Denton. Are we a little behind the times on this trend? Maybe, but we're still diggin' it. 

Below is an interview from Denton Food Trucks with Rachel Black of the newly opened food truck, The Waffle Wagon


Hey Rachel! Tell us a little about yourself and your history with Denton.

I grew up in Lancaster, TX an hour south of here. I joined the military a little while after high school and have been travelling around the globe ( a couple of times) since 2002. My older sister went to UNT and then stuck around, so ever since I have been coming “home”, it has been to Denton, TX. I have always said “I love Denton” and in August this year I finally had the courage to come on home



What made you decide to start a food truck?

My lifetime dream is to own and operate a small sidewalk cafe, but after falling in love with the community the Food Truck following creates, I decided this would be a great opportunity to see if I can successfully run a business with a lot less front money to invest.


Why waffles, Rachel?

Earlier this year when yearning for career change, I walked into a crowded buffet style restaurant that was packed at lunch on a Wednesday. Their theme for the day was… “Brunch”.  How genius it was. Brunch on a Wednesday. Everyone loves Brunch, but much of the population misses it. Oh, and they had the most delicious waffles I have ever had. I think I had 3 servings! So I am hoping Denton likes waffles as much as I do!

I am hoping Denton likes waffles as much as I do!
— Rachel Black

Can you talk us through your menu a little bit?

Simple ingredients. Creative combinations. We welcome people to make their waffle what they want it. So, the sides of our menu are sweet and savory. Traditional sandwiches turned into waffles and traditional desserts with a slight spin.


What’s the single menu item that you feel best represents your truck?

My personal favorite is the hot ham, turkey and swiss with a side of raspberry preserves. I also think the PBBB (peanut butter, bacon, banana) is going to be a hit because it’s creative and there are a lot of foodies out there looking for a random combination!


What are your personal favorite food trucks?

I really like Pompeii for their Risotto balls and more serious approach to the Food Truck culture, the pastries from The Guava Tree are killer! You can’t forget Easy Sliders. Love those little burgers. All operating in Dallas.

Have you had much difficulty getting the truck up and running?

What I thought would take 6 weeks has taken 5.5 months to get going and we still have a couple glitches that we need to work out. So I would say yes, it has been difficult to a level of disbelief!


How do you feel about Denton’s food truck regulations? Have they worked out well for you so far?

Although the city seemed intimidating on first impressions I think the regulations are right in line with other cities, just the inconvenience of the closest commissary being 40 miles away will discourage potential business here.

Will you be operating only in Denton or do you have plans on venturing out of town often?

I hope to stay in Denton as long as plenty of places welcome us as we get started. East Side Social and Mulberry Cantina welcomed us greatly this weekend so both will be frequented often. My main goal will be to get on campus a few days a week if they accept my proposal. So time will tell where you will see us around!

You can follow Denton Food Trucks at their Twitter, and you can follow along with The Waffle Wagon at their Twitter or Facebook.