You can tell school is back in session. There's a few signs if you look closely. The roads are more crowded, there's an additional 45 second wait in line at Kroger, and there’s a few less parking spots on the square at midnight on any given day of the week. It’s good to be back in the swing of things in our tiny urban environment and we're happy to be back into our daily routines of both work and play. As we turn the corner into February and all the planning meetings for the year wrap up, the calendars start filling up faster than we'd like for them to. It will be no-time until we all start wishing it were summer. This week, we’ve collected the top ten things you should be putting on your calendars for the next seven days. Read on! 

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Wednesday January 15th
Cold Vs. Hot | Wine Squared | 7PM | $15 RSVP
Such efficiency in Facebook event naming has not been matched. This is a class comparing the temperature of the grapes and how the climates they’re grown in effect their taste. Study hard, y’all!

This One Time In Denton: MineUs / King GI / Ritchy Flo / D.smiley / KoolBRZ | Hailey’s | 9PM | $5
Live artwork and a ton live performances and DJ sets all descend on Hailey’s this week.

RTB2 / Shmu / Human Behavior / Peopleodeon | Macaroni Island | 8PM | FREE
No Jerks. No kidding.

Thursday January 16th
Old Potion / Gollay / Soft Morning | Rubber Gloves | 9PM | $5

Friday January 17th
Vinyl / Coattails / Hawk Vs. Dove / Chase Ryan & The Grave | Rubbergloves | 8PM | $8

paper backs | Black Box Theater | 8PM | $10
Here’s a play about an artist and a writer.

LEGO Builders Club | Emily Fowler Library | 4PM
And the Legos are provided! It says ages six and up so we may just show up and totally dominate.

Kids Rock! | Denton Civic Center | 7PM - 10:30PM
Here’s a fun little time for kids grades 1-5. There’s a DJ, basketball, soccer, a bounce house and Xbox on a giant screen. We are considering donating a few cases of RedBull to this event to make it REALLY fun. 

Sunday January 19th
Movie Night: Ghostbusters & The Goonies | OSDH | 7PM | FREE

Tuesday January 21st
Challenge Your Tastebuds: Blind Tasting Pint Night | ESSC | 7PM
Five different Real Ales will be up as samples and do your best to guess what they are and be entered to win a gift bag of swag.