We love democracy. Kind of a lot. You might already know this. You also might already know that we think voting and local politics are important - not just because Kevin Roden forced us to, but because they impact our most basic needs in our city - way more than national elections. These are the men and women who make the big decisions about bike lanes, food trucks, smoking in bars and restaurants, public works of art and grants for new/or burgeoning businesses! 

We like local politics soo much that we decided to throw a big party to celebrate democracy at the local level. With the help of some fine friends, we partied through the night and congratulated our newly elected officials on their success in returning to or obtaining new city council seats to proudly serve their districts (each of which we had already endorsed with our video a few weeks ago). 

A huge thanks to Meat Guns, Armadillo Ales, DJ Five Easy Pieces, Doug Burr, photographer Amelia McBride, videographer Addison Day and of course Little Guys Movers. Without you we would not have gotten to see Jim Engelbrecht in patriotic suspenders and a flat top straw hat and heard Kevin Roden say, "Denton is a woman." 

If you were there - you can find your photo booth photos here. If you weren't check out that video up top and make sure you join us next time!