Editor's Note: This is a post from Denton Arts and Jazz Festival 2013. 
This year, we've got a different headliners including Asleep at the Wheel and Denton greats, Brave Combo. Now is also a good time to realize just how close East Side Social Club is to the Civic Center and to keep in mind that they're having a little shindig complete with food trucks on Saturday. Have a good fest weekend, y'all! We'll keep our fingers crossed as far as the weather goes! 

The Denton Arts and Jazz Festival is already in progress as of this moment, but we thought we'd take a second and share some advice with y'all as to how to best enjoy the 33rd annual Denton festival. Below you will find five Do's and five Don'ts that may help you in your outing to Quakertown Park sometime this weekend. Don't say we didn't warn ya.

It's impossible to leave jazz fest without sampling the wares of our friends at Hillbilly Kettle Korn. 

It's impossible to leave jazz fest without sampling the wares of our friends at Hillbilly Kettle Korn. 


Wait for the sound of freshly popping kettle corn and then wait in the long line for it. It’s worth it. You can go home and forget about the jazz after that.

Bring a cooler full of your own beverages (alcohol), they can get quite pricey from the beverage stands.

Bring chairs and blankets and umbrellas for the various shows. It’s Arts and Jazz Fest, so it will definitely rain.

Stop by the Ceramic Guild’s booth - they make some of the best mugs around.

Bring plenty of cash. Many vendors aren’t up with the Square game yet, so if you don’t have a couple Abe Lincolns on ya, you’re gonna be turkey leg-less and sad.


Don’t complain that the Original Blues Brothers Band isn’t jazz. It’s Steve Croper for crying out loud, y’all.

Don’t fall down on the bridge between the library and the civic center during potential human stampedes.

Do your best to avoid the plethora of high school students who think this is the Denton version of the Texas State Fair. They tend to congregate in the drainage ditch and if you’re over the age of 20, attempting to walk into the drainage ditch will most likely end in a fatality by way of falling. Also, the kids will probably plant drugs on you after your fall and that’s no good.

Don't even try to look for close parking after noon. Be prepared to walk from The Greenhouse at a minimum. Better yet, bike there.

Don’t wear flip flops. Wait, do you still own flip flops that you wear out in public? Maybe forget about Jazz Fest this year and work up revamping your wardrobe.