Since we all basically witnessed the season finale of America play out last week I think it's time for everyone to please, pretty please, I beg of you for everything that is holy on this planet, TONE IT DOWN A NOTCH. I mean really, folks. Let's show Steve Cropper, Japanese drone lords Boris, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Swedish Freakout artists GOAT and all the other folks from around the world visiting our tiny hamlet this weekend that Denton, Texas is full of kind, decent, polite, talented, level-headed folks. Please be safe and vigilant, and if we could please just simmer down a little - that would be great. Lets have a nice and relaxing weekend full of music, friends and fried foods and a chicken dance. It's the way John B. Denton would have wanted it.


Wednesday April 24                CAMEL RIDES | Tractor Supply Store | 8AM - 8PM I $5
Was that a camel I just saw hanging out on 288 in front of a red and white striped tent by the Tractor Supply Store? Yes it was. In fact it looks like there will be camel rides for anyone brave enough to mount this strange and notoriously "spitty" animal. After riding the camel, stop into the petting zoo and check out the ostriches and the zebra. 

Thursday April 25
Woodsman / Giant Dog / Midnight Society | Gloves | 9PM | $6
Ray Wylie Hubbard | Dan's | 8PM | $15

Friday April 26
Clinic / No Joy / HI JR | Dan's | 9PM | $15

Boris / Thrones / Pinkish Black / Bludded Head | Gloves | 8PM | $20
Have you heard the one about the time Gloves owner, Josh Baish got his ear bit off at a Boris concert? True story.

Denton Art's & Jazz | Quakertown Park | 5PM - 11PM | FREE
Twenty acres of arts and Jazz invade Quakertown park this weekend. David Sanborn, known for his session work for David Bowie's Young Americans (1975) headlines the opening night.

Saturday April 27
Kraken Presents: Karyna McGly, John Poch, Curtis Bauer | Paschall Bar | 6PM | FREE

Art Show For The People | Panhandle House Warehouse | 8PM | $2
Go for the art, stay for the complimentary wine. It's good to see some fine artists take over this underutilized and beautiful space.

Denton Art's & Jazz | Quakertown Park | 10AM - 11PM | FREE
Denton's seminal festival continues with The "Original" Blue's Brothers Band headlining Saturday. These are the musicians hand picked by Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi for their film The Blues Brothers. That's right, Steve Cropper (co-writer of Sitting on The Dock of The Bay), Lou Marini (UNT, Blood Sweat & Tears) and the rest of the band will be in town. Dear Mr. Cropper, we should record shop at Recycled and maybe grab a bourbon at Dan's before your gig. Bring Lou. Call me.


Sunday April 28
Denton Art's & Jazz | Quakertown Park | 11AM - 9PM | FREE
Brave Combo wraps up the fest in the same manner they have for the past 200 years: with the chicken dance. Also be sure to catch Denton's own Mario Cruz, best known for touring with Bruce Springsteen in the 80's.

Monday April 29
GOAT / Holy Wave / Strange Towers | Dan's | 9PM | $10 / $13
Here's our sleeper pick of the week. How can you watch this video and not want to make sure your at Dan's for this one? Gonna get weird, y'all.