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3 Songs is a monthly column in which we highlight three of our favorite local songs. We skipped this column last month because nothing was really vibing with us. Today, though, we’re having a difficult time whittling things down to three songs. Oh well. Maybe we’re just in a better mood now. Read on to hear music from the likes of Ashley Gatta, Doug Burr and Dome Dwellers.



Do y’all know that we still have a reputation as being mostly a folk music town? What happened to the space rock stereotype? Heck, Midlake’s latest wasn’t even very folky and we’re the home of what is probably DFW’s heaviest band, Terminator 2. Y’all are doing more than your part to shake that folk stereotype. CODETALKERS are helping, too. This punk five piece featuring members of The Distressors and Von Ehrics has duel vocals and duel drums. There’s a lot going on in the five songs from their self-titled EP. “War Games,” the song embedded above, is a discordant post-punk heavy hitter full of palm muting and aggressiveness. This behemoth continuously feels as if it’s about to fall apart, but CODETALKERS manage to keep the song under the reins. CODETALKERS next show is January 24th at J and J's and we can't wait to check it out. 

Ashley Gatta and The Free People - "Fainthearted"

Ashley Gatta and The Free People’s sophomore album, In Dependence, came out back in September, but we just heard it a few week’s ago. While the new stuff is still plenty soulful, this album has lost the majority of the Norah Jones vibe Gatta had going for her previously, not that that’s a bad thing. Gatta has found a new sound that we’re diggin’. On “Fainthearted” above, AG&TFP (nice acronym, huh?) have a nice poppy alt-country sound with a bit of a sneer.

Dome Dwellers - "Bellied Up"

We highlighted Dome Dwellers with the song “My Halo” off of their last EP back in our September 3 Songs column. Back then, we said the following about Dome Dwellers, “The guitars are full of 90’s-era chimey-ness and tremolo and the math rock aspect of this tune acts as more of a hook than it does a headache - let’s just say that it’s more Algebra 1 than it is Pre-calculus.” This holds true for their debut album, Maybe I Should Have Some Pride. It’s chock-full of lite math-rock goodness that doesn’t fall far from the initial statement on their EP, and that isn’t a bad thing at all. The entire album is available to purchase on bandcamp for whatever price you would like to pay. We’ve listened to the entirety of the album and dig it quite a bit. This track, “Bellied Up,” is immediately one of our favorites. Lots of super 90’s bass and reverb-laden guitar noodling throughout. The hooks don’t come in until late in the game, but when they do, they hit hard. Lead singer, Michael Slack’s falsetto has become pretty darn impressive at this point, too. Catch these guys live on December 14th at Rubber Gloves for their CD release party.