Can things just go back to normal please? Apparently they can't until the cluster of this weekend's rescheduled events combined with what was an already very busy weekend finishes up. The good news is that we won’t have to use our Yaktrax or 4 wheel drive for another three years because this is Texas. This past weekend also proved once again that if you want precipitation to fall from the sky (either frozen or not) just plan a large scale outdoor event that depends on good weather.

Questions or tips on thawing frozen pipes? Email

Wednesday December 11
Tis The Season To Be Polly | Dan’s Silverleaf | 5PM | FREE
Seasonal tunes on the classical guitar are happening today at Dan’s starting at 5pm. Extend your holiday chill.

The 2013 Annual Christmas Craft Show | 2008 Brown Dr. | 5PM
More crafts than you can shake a candy cane at.


Thursday December 12
Subsonic Indulgence | Andy’s | 9PM | FREE
EDM comes to Andy’s.

New Science Projects Mixer 3.0 w/ Elesh Norm, Losing | Macaroni Island | 8PM | FREE
No Jerks

Friday December 13
A Spune Christmas: Robert Gomez / Moonbather / The Days / Blessin’ / Tiger Tooth & PAW | Dan’s Silverleaf | 7PM | $8 
Same deal as what was canceled last week. You know the drill, free tacos and music.

Denton Holiday Lighting | The Courthouse Lawn | 5:30PM
This will be a lower-key event with no hay or carriage rides and the streets won’t be blocked off. We’re imagining the humble townsfolk gather around our meek and mild tree as we hold hands and spontaneously sing a song. “Every Who down in Whoville, the tall and the small was singing, without any presents at all.”

Wassail Fest | The Square | 5:30PM | FREE WASSAIL
Bring your Wassail judging face and a flask of rum to spike your favorite drink. This is a great way to enjoy the chaos and take a peek into downtown business' Christmas wares while having a nice evening stroll around the square.

New Fumes / Nervous Curtains / Visceral Cuts / Grandma / DJ YeahDef | Rubbergloves | $3 | 9PM

Sunday December 15
Liquor Store / Video / Fogg | Rubbergloves | 9PM $5
Not a shabby Sunday evening lineup for any venue in Denton. Liquor Store will be sure to finish thawing your chilled bones.

Monday December 16
Bourbon Barrel Beer Week | OSDH & ESSC | 7PM
They’re starting off the week with a Rahr Bourbon Barrel Winter Warmer and an Anderson Valley Bourbon Barrel Oatmeal tapping at OSDH and ESSC respectively. Both of those sound good enough to drink.