It’s campaign season again (In the Spring at the Time When Kings Go Off to War) and that means it’s time for another We Denton Do It Presents: Candidate Debate 2017. All candidates have been invited to attend this debate that will be moderated by Denton’s favorite moderator Jill Jester. Time will be kept by everyone’s favorite time keeper, Aaron “Fuzzy” Newquist of First State Bank. Our debate is scheduled late in the season as our intent was to give the road weary candidates a chance to reflect and give final statements before the citizens head to the polls for early voting the following week. Once again, Dan has been kind and gracious enough to lend us his venue, Dan’s Silverleaf. Anyways, it’s Spring Break 2017. See you all at Señor Tadpole's hash tagging your ‘grams #WDDI.

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Friday, March 10th
Pop-Up 70’s Roller Skating Party – Video Shoot | InterSkate Roller Rink | 10:30PM
Okay, so technically this is in Lewisville, but the Pop-Up Skate Party is being thrown by our fave Thin Line Film Fest to make a groovy video, so it seems too much far-out fun to overlook.

32nd Annual Texas Storytelling Festival | Denton Civic Center | Through March 12th
Texans love to hear a well-spun tale, and this weekend's Tejas Storytelling Festival brings some talent to town!  

Saturday, March 11th
Killer’s One Year Anniversary! | Killer’s Tacos | 5PM
My how time flies, as Killer Tacos celebrates their first anniversary with FREE live music and tasty tacos! They're trying to raise funds to build a back patio stage, despite having a break-in robbery not long ago, so maybe pitch in a little to support our music scene.

2 Year Anniversary Party w/ Slobberbone / From Parts Unknown | Harvest House |9PM
Saturday is the second anniversary for Harvest House, and they're throwing a FREE show with Slobberbone! Just sayin', "Gimme Back My Dog" made our Xmas playlist for durn good reasons, so don't miss it! 

Ciderpalooza: Johnny Appleseed Day | The Bearded Monk | 7PM
Had no idea that Johnny Appleseed Day was a thing, but if'n its a reason to savor some tasty ciders then count us in. 

Evening Rotary re-Plant-a-palooza | Jupiter House Coffee | 9AM – 12PM
The Denton Evening Rotary planting project on the beautiful downtown Denton Square is being called back into action! Due to cold weather and curb-hopping SUVs, we'll be doing some re-planting on Saturday... Bring a friend and help us beautify Denton!

Everyone’s Birthday Party! Seriously, Everyone | 2200 Great Bear Ln | 2PM
We get this. We totally get this. Literally everyone we know was born this week. Including us. 

Sunday, March 12th
Ari Roar / The Monkberries | Andy’s | Free Show
Saving the square, one free show at a time.

Laure Braird (France) & Claire Morales | Lonestar Taps & Caps | 8:30PM
Another free show at a pretty cool watering hole / fill up station. 

Monday, March 13th
Bella Union Records 20th Anniversary Showcase | Andy’s | 8PM
There are rumors going around town that Lift To Experience is in town rehearsing for something. Could this be related? 

Wednesday, March 15th
Bearded Monk & The Holy Grail | Bearded Monk | 6:30PM
Can’t go wrong doing your Spring Break like this.