There is a difference, as we all know, between the perceived life of Instagram perfect photos and real life, where things are little more dull, a little less perfect, and let's be honest - a little messy most of the time. Somehow, though - it feels like that Insta-perfect world is slowly creeping more and more into our daily lives. The best example of this to date is the incredible interior and coffee shop concept opening in Argyle next week, Kimzey's Coffee. Read on to find out why we're willing to drive a little farther for our caffeine fix. 

Walking into the newly finished shop off of 377 in Argyle is sort of like walking into a Disney fairytale dreamland. Enter through the arched door, step onto the terra cotta and wood floors and gaze onto the patio. Follow the smell of coffee being freshly ground and be greeted by a colossal stone clad fireplace. The silverware looks like it is topped with crowns and the hand forged sconces throughout the cafe look as if they came out of a Disney castle. Not a single detail has been left unattended. From vintage found furniture, handmade tables, custom chandeliers and carefully curated artwork, there isn't a corner that hasn't been thought through.

Kimzey's is the newest in the family from the creators of Voltage Coffee Project, who opened West Oak Coffee a few years ago. Instead of simply transplanting West Oak to a new location, the owners really wanted to draw from the community that they're taking part in.

This concept is all about whimsey, wonder, and inspiring creativity. It is all about escaping reality and being surrounded by things that provoke the imagination. With handpainted murals, locally sourced artwork, and a building straight out of a fairytale, we'll be looking forward to creatively reconnecting with our whimsical selves over a latte and a slice of lemon chess pie. 

Don't worry, the building may look entirely different - but the coffee is still the same. West Oak roast is already lined up on the shelves, and the menu boasts similar offerings to the original location. West Oak regulars, your loyalty points will work there as well! In fact, the West Oak kitchen serves as the commissary for baked goods in both locations. Kimzey's will have a few unique seasonal offerings, perfectly crafted for the community that it serves. Another fun addition will be the option to 'spike' your coffee with the liquor that will be available at the Kimzey's location.

Beyond the brew, though, they've got a few more grab and go items available, including locally crafted Kombucha, pressed juices and of course, local beers. We can tell from the immense amount of thought they've put behind every detail, that this will be a perfect place for an after-school treat, a morning meet up or family style hangs with friends.

Whatever you're a fan of, morning muffins with the kids, or afternoon scones and hot tea, take the time to stop in and find a moment for fanciful daydreaming in the middle of Argyle - because who couldn't use a little more fantastical inspiration in their day? 


Kimzey's opens next week! 
Hours: 6:30 am - 9:00pm (subject to change)
329 Oak St., Argyle, TX beside Earl's 377 Pizza