Clear your afternoon and evening plans for Kuzu's first official fundraiser, "Kuzuthon: Pink Moon," an event named after the full moon happening the night of April 22nd, which historically harbors the appearance of pink moss, one of the first spring flowers. You could also say it might say it marks the blossoming of Denton's new LPFM radio station, KUZU 92.9, which is aiming to capture the essence of our local music scene all in one place. While KNTU 88.1, "The One," will always be a local favorite, it focuses largely on representing jazz and classical music without touching on the overwhelming amount of amazing and unique music coming from our small town. Read on to find out more about Kuzu and Kuzuthon!


If you haven't heard of KUZU yet, you're not too far behind. The project is fairly new, just having launched the Kickstarter on April 8th. Since then, they've raised just under $4,000 in the first 48 hours. KUZU owner Peter Salisbury has been working on the paperwork for this Low Power FM station for two years, and has been running an AM station, Real Waves 1670, out of his apartment on the square for almost 7 years. Over the life of Real Wave AM 1670, Peter linked up with Sashenka Lopez, now the Vice Chair on KUZU's Board of Director's, who hosted a daily show dubbed Fake Parts, and also created a number of other shows hosted by local celebrities such as Nick Foreman of Dust Congress, Julie McKendrick of Vulgar Fashion, and the late Nevada Hill of Bludded Head. Basically, Kuzu already has the bone structure in place to become one of the raddest places in Denton to find local music that we've ever seen, and with a broadcasting radius of just three miles, you can bet it'll stay that way.


So, you're pretty stoked on this radio station now, right? Good. You should be. We sure are. Show your support by coming out to Harvest House on Friday, April 22nd, for a rad night of music and performance art with enough variety to appeal to everyone, because that's the KUZU way. There's going to be two stages and nine acts ranging from a trivia quiz, some trippy dancing, good ole rock 'n roll, rap, burger rock, and even a two-piece analog noise band. 

Marathons and Unicorns kicks the event off and is definitely a don't-miss act. Fronted by Midlake's own Eric Nichelson and his two kids, this is one of your only chances to see a 12-year-old and a 4-year-old kid shred simultaneously on drum kits. After M&U, Scott Porter brings his legendary trivia to the stage, followed by three separate solo sets from singer-songwriters Mike Luzecky, Scott Danbom & Daniel Markham respectively. If your faces aren't totally melted off by Markham's set, you'll get to see an episode of the rare and elusive performance art series by Alex Revier, A.K.A. "The Dark Magician," who describes his act as a "free-range magician that uses free-based magic." Pearl Earl gets the party going again after all that magic happens with a fuzzy set of surf rock, psych music and other '70s influences, or as we call it, Burger Rock. Wave Swinger will tone things done with some analog noise music created without computers or synthesizers, a vintage form of music making which has almost completely died out, and Fab Deuce, a Gitmo Records duo formed by Ritchy Flo and Pudge Brewer, will start popping bottles and raising the roof to end the night with their award winning brand of hip hop. You can find the entirety of the schedule below and you can find us at Harvest House next Friday. 

Main Stage:

  • 6:30 - Marathons and Unicorns
  • 7:30 - Mike Luzecky
  • 8:50 - Daniel Markham
  • 10:05 - Pearl Earl
  • 11:20 - Fab Deuce

Side Stage:

  • 7:00 - Scott Porter Quiz Marathon
  • 8:25 - Scott Danbom
  • 9:40 - The Dark Magician
  • 10:55 - Wave Swinger

athan Williams is going on his seventh year livin' in Denton. He's 24, an avid moped rider, screen printer, local music enthusiast and runs his own blog, Sad Boys Club. You can follow him on Instagram @Sundayprintshop, another small company he runs and a great place to get your merch made.