We're sure your social media accounts have you well aware that local election season is upon us once more. This year is a particularly rambunctious one. With the first round of state elections already behind us, (there is a run-off coming up on May 24) we now face our city council elections which are arguably far more important to your day-to-day lives. Read on to find out why we hold a forum and what this year's will be like. 

We Denton Do It believes that city government is a very important part of what makes this town run, and we think the democratic process is important for everyone to take part in. So we are once more hosting a city council debate. 

A scene from a previous well-attended #WDDI debate at Dan's Silverleaf. 

A scene from a previous well-attended #WDDI debate at Dan's Silverleaf. 

Three seats are up for grabs this year: two contested and one un-opposed. Place 5, Place 6, and the Mayor's seat are on the ballot. Place 5 and 6 are the at-large seats filled two years ago when we held our first forum. We started holding our own forum in 2014 because we didn't feel like there was a forum that was really for us. Most of the forums were focused on a specific area of interest, like the Chamber of Commerce and Firefighters Forum, or a targeted neighborhood. So we booked a night at Dan's Silver Leaf (because beer makes all things better) and came up with a set of questions that we and our moderator felt were important issues facing our city. 

Here we are two years later, and it's that time again. Our city is facing a challenging time of growth and change, and we believe our city council has their work cut out for them in the upcoming terms now matter who is up there. So we're teaming up with local lawyer and community leader, Jill Jester and hosting another forum at Dan's Silver Leaf, the best dang bar on Industrial St. on April 25th, at 6:30pm. 

All of the candidates have been invited, so dust off your voter registration card, grab some cash to tip your bartenders, and make plans to head on over to hear what the candidates have to say about the future of your city. You can find more information on the event's Facebook page.