Soak it in while you can, folks. Once July 4th happens, it’s basically time to start buying school supplies, sweaters and Christmas presents. At least we’ve got some seasonable weather and plenty of options for those of you who are stranded in Denton instead of taking that trip to Eugene. Tag ‘em if you got ‘em and stay tuned for the blog for stuff pertaining to arts and culture.

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Thursday, June 25th
Two Tons Of Steel | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM | $10
The local pub is killing it this week with some fantastic shows starting off with one of the greatest “country” acts alive. 

Friday, June 26th
Upstage, Downstage: A Salute to the Great Stage of Man | Campus Theatre | 8PM | $20
Time for the yearly community play put on by Denton Community Theatre, written by Donna Trammell. This is opening night and the show runs again Saturday and then on Sunday at 2PM. Think “real life, topical, local, Waiting for Guffman”.


The Appleseed Cast - Mare Vitalis: 15 Year Anniversary | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 9PM $13
What a great show to relive your high school years or college years. Time flies.

Saturday, June 27th
Water Balloon Fight | Quakertown Park | 3PM
Time for a good ‘ol fashioned water balloon fight. Donations made for balloons and what-not go to the Koan School. 

Terminator Genisys Swag Party | The LABB | 8PM
Chase Whale hosts a promo party for the movie and will have free passes at this free party at The LABB. Good  times and a good deal. Go to this party if you want to live. 

Choctaw Wildfire | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 5PM | $8

Cory Branan | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 9PM | $10

Sunday, June 28th
Paschal Summer Brunch | Paschall Bar | 12:30 | $16
Always delicious, this brunch features a Croque Madame, Tabasco cottage potatoes, Garden tomato salad with a gazpacho vinaigrette and Aunt Ellen’s sour cream coffee cake. Get yo brunch on!

PBR Dog Wash Fundraiser | Lucky Lou’s | 4PM
Giving dogs baths for donations to the Animal Support Foundation. Denton love them doggies.

Tuesday, June 30th
Pansy Moon / Miss Diandra Fog / Water Gun Water Gun Sky Attack / Kismet & The Lost Boy | 2316 Locust St. | 8PM
Here’s what Denton does best, throw a house show on a Tuesday.