We were wondering this morning, "Is there enough going on to run a new business-related post?" Boy howdy is there ever! And with all of the recent restaurant closings in Denton, we're anxious to get to it. 

For the people who venture out to Loop 288 on occasion (did you know you there's a trail to run there from downtown?), Pollo Tropical and Corner Bakery Cafe should be open soon. They actually look pretty dang nice. Maybe even nice enough to get us to step foot in the mall again. Either way, we're gonna grab some plantains and grilled chicken from Pollo Tropical as soon as they're open. Oh, and a new Panda Express opened up outside of LA Fitness, but that kinda happens all the time, right? 

The interior of the old Shift Coffee. 

The interior of the old Shift Coffee. 

Shift Coffee reopens this Friday in their new/old spot at The Adagio apartments on South Locust. Rachel Aughtry from The Dime Store, which is located across the street from Shift on South Locust, says they're pushing for the nickname "SoLo." The nickname goes against our advisement, but whatever Rachel Aughtry. Y'all be whatever you want, but the second people start calling North Elm "NoEl," we're outta here. We're excited to check out Shift's new digs and are super glad they're back in business. Stop in and get a lavender latte when you get the chance. 

Tea2Go, recently joined Pizza Snob as one of the businesses opening in the retail sections of the H Squared apartments on W. Hickory. We believe there is a third spot there, which we are anxious to see what claims it. 

Audacity Brewhouse, our newest hometown brewery (and first with an establishment we can actually visit) will open their doors with a three day grand opening event starting on Friday, October 24th. They say that there will be beer, tours and, and live music all three nights, so it'll probably be a good time. Cheers to more beer!

Flatlanders Taco Company recently announced that they will soon open a brick and mortar restaurant near Oak St. Drafthouse. There will be a celebration party (with a possibility of additional information) at Oak St. Drafthouse this Saturday at 6pm. Your gringo taco options near the square just went way up, people.