THE DEN10: JULY 30th 2014

This is our third Polar Vortex this year. How could we be so lucky? This one perfectly coincides with First Friday on the square which will no doubt be quite an event on our courthouse lawn. Make sure to hit the out of the way places like The LABB and The DIME Store for their special events. Don’t forget to tag your photos and make every second count because this thing we call summer is about to start wrapping up and before you know it, we’ll be stranded in our homes during finals week during the next Polar Vortex. It’s hard to complain, though.

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Wednesday, July 30th
Flesh Born / Lyed / Anti-Patterns / Otters / TEDS | Macaroni Island | 8PM
No Jerks.

Thursday, July 31st
Moonbather / Milezo / Blessin’ | Rubber Gloves | 8PM | $5

Friday, August 1st
Marionettes Et Musique | The LABB | 8:30PM
On your First Friday cruise of the square PLEASE someone go check out this “evening of puppet shows and music”. Live music from voltREvolt, Jordan Batson and Cory Coleman. Also, there will be puppets. So c'mon. 

Summer Standoff | The DIME Store | 6PM
Think Wassail Fest except Lemonade and then add un-killable felt succulent plant making and you’ve got yourself a true near-end-of-summer party.

The Lead Pipes / Work In Progress / The Mothers / Jordan Higginbotham / Nils Mossblad | Amitea | 6PM
Get your fill of free teaccinos and live music plus special deals on selected merchandise. Has it really been 2 years since this place on North Locust opened? 

Dome Dwellers / Chase and Ryan Grave / Earnest Matthew / Devils in The Belfry | Andy’s Bar | 8PM

Saturday, August 2nd
Denton Community Market | Denton County Historic Park | 9AM - 1PM
If ever there was a Saturday to hit up the market for some goat soap and beef jerky, now’s the time. The weather should be moderate and this is a perfect place to people watch while sipping on your Coffeewright after picking up some fresh, local tomatoes from Cardo’s.

Monday, August 4th
Daniel Markham / Micah Schnaabel of Two Cow Garage | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM | $7

Tuesday, August 5th
Joy Sores / Estates / Serious Shit | Macaroni Island | 8PM
No Jerks.