By Danielle Longueville 

Denton’s thriving “keep it local” culture continues to show its bountiful beauty to current residents and visiting outsiders (tourists, if you will) through a variety of individual expressions, including the perpetually blossoming medium, the house show scene. You've heard us talk about this youth-focused scene before, and how some of the most progressive and exciting upcoming-bands will often be found playing at these shows. Within this DIY music scene, one will find what we like to call "house show havens," semi-private venues dedicated to providing tenured and rookie bands and artists a safe place to showcase their new material, from one garage to another. This weekend, we had the opportunity to participate in the festivities of two fresh-on-the market havens: Mooney Manor and the Tron Collective. Read on to find out more about our experiences at each of the respective house show venues. 

Mooney Manor XI: Pick Up Sticks

Practicing picking up Eerily Similar Beings from DFW.

Practicing picking up Eerily Similar Beings from DFW.

A bit of a trek outside of the roughly three mile radius that generally encompasses the House Show community, Mooney Manor is a 2-story home safely tucked behind a large field within a sparsely-populated neighborhood, prime real estate for some serious tuneage. Complete with a lukewarm keg and fog machine tomfoolery, partygoers were subjected to the loud thrashings of local bands such as Eerily Similar Beings, The Orcanaut, Forth Worth’s Vicious Firs, and the Infamists. Needless to say, we were genuinely impressed with the showmanship of each band. Their dynamic energy, speedy tempos, and improvised shenanigans between songs were the right combination fit to keep an audience from wandering into the yard in search for five minute small talk conversations. 

Interested in checking out the aforementioned bands that played Mooney Manor? Check out the links below. 

Eerily Similar Beings

The Orcanaut

Vicious Firs

The Infamists


Mulberry Mansion: The Tron House Party 

Machete Western will take two, please.

Machete Western will take two, please.

During our time in Denton, we have seen some rather interesting performances by pretty eclectic individuals. However, this particular shindig had everyone bent over sideways. Austin-based murder surfers, Machete Western, pulled out all of the stops to show Dentonites how to get down. There was lipstick. There was silly string. There were studded-leather flame-throwing banana hammocks. Think Rocky Horror Picture Show, but with less choreography. They had it ALL. Fellow showstoppers of Thank You celebrated their inaugural house show performance alongside Machete Western and a slew of DJs and a experimental, unnamed group at Mulberry Mansion, a rookie venue located in yet another perfect, anonymous location.  With a multi-home complex and rather large parking area, this up and coming venue is home to not one, not two, but THREE separate stage areas, which rapid switches between artists, a house show treasure. Newbie Fine Arts group The Tron Collective were responsible for this evening’s festivities and plan to continue their endeavors through a series of installments throughout the summer. Tron Collective, we are ready for you.

Interested in checking out these bands? You can hear them here.

Machete Western

Thank You


Danielle Longueville is a house show enthusiast, funk vocalist and self-proclaimed foodie. When she's not doing freelance marketing and band booking, she can be found tucked away in her kitchen, relishing in the glory over her latest recipe, or front and center at a local performance in support of fellow musicians. She also loves zipping around town on her Fuji single-speed and making connections with like-minded, passionate Dentonites who are eager to boost the fine arts sector that thrives within our town.