One of Shawna Smyth's Valentine's cards that are available for purchase at The DIME Store. 

One of Shawna Smyth's Valentine's cards that are available for purchase at The DIME Store. 


It's not "Love Week" here at We Denton Do It, because that would be awful, but it is Valentine's Day tomorrow and we have posted a few things about it (and dating) so far. We're gonna go ahead and write a bit more on the subject, but by no means are you allowed to say something like, "It's 'Love Week' at We Denton Do It," because no. Anyway, let's talk gifts.

Hopefully, you've already purchased something for your bf, gf, bff, or whomever. If not, here's a list of a few items you can pick up locally that we love. Read on for more. 

  • Get 'em some cards, flowers or jewelry from The DIME Store. The Archer + Hare crystal necklaces and earrings are crazy cool and much more in tune with your Denton-lovin' gal. They have some super cheeky cards, too, made by our man, Matthew Sallack (whose prints we can't get enough of), or the very pun-ny Shawna Smyth. 

  • Looking for a florist? The Flower Garden near downtown is adorable and has really cool mugs and stuff to pair with those cute rosebuds. Plus they let you wander around and pick just the right bloom.

  • Oh man, tuba valentine's are like the bestest thing ever. UNT's NT-ITEA group let's you schedule a time and pick from one of their long lists of songs and they'll show up and serenade you and your valentine with some awesome tuba goodness. Yes, seriously. Click here to get started. 

  • Get your camera loving buddy a new, handmade camera strap from Bell and Oak, or swing by Denton Camera Exchange and get them a vintage camera and some film. 

  • Surprise him with Royal’s cinnamon rolls. Or fancy breakfast - get up early and grab Ravelin chocolate croissants or a box of delectable fried dough from Hypnotic.

  • Book a couples massage. Cheesy? Yes, but sometimes relaxing is just what you need after a week of working hard and catching Thin Line documentaries. We've got lots of awesome massage places in town. Soma may have an opening or two left if you're lucky. There's other places in town, though, if they don't.