There is a flavor of event for everyone in Denton this evening. Be safe, y'all. There's a possibility ice/sleet, and it’ll be amateur hour out there on the roads with possible drunk drivers, too. Take advantage of AAA's free "Tipsy Tow" service if you end up needing to. Make sure to #WDDI your glorious photos of yourselves bringing in 2015. 

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Wednesday, December 31st
New Years Eve At Audacity Brew House w/ The Justin Pierce Jazz Band and Tori Sloan | Audacity Brewhouse | 7PM
A very special keg tapping of the very limited Kristal Weiss complete with complimentary tastings at 10pm round off the evening at our local brewhouse.

Ten Hands / Jessie Frye | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 10PM | $20
The legendary band helps bring in the New Year at Dan’s this evening.

A Very Denton New Years: Slobberbone / Daniel Markham / Pinebox Serenade | Rubber Gloves | 9PM | $7
This is a classic Denton lineup and the poster features a really cute baby goat. 

West & The Grooves / Class Action / The Mothers | Abbey Underground | 9PM

Snardok / John Rusch / Myatt | Hailey’s  | 9PM

Thursday, January 1st
Texas Blues Crew | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM | FREE

Pelvis / Purlsnapshirts | Rubber Gloves | 9PM | $1

Friday, January 2nd
The Tejas Brothers | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 8PM | $10

Saturday, January 3rd
Spiderweb Salon Winter Formal Masquerade | Dan’s Silver Leaf | $5
Spiderweb Salon events are always a must. Put on your tux and check this out. 

Sunday, January 4th
Hares On The Mountain | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 5PM | FREE