Are you ready for the busiest week of the year in Denton? Halloween is something we take very seriously around here. A quick walk around downtown this Saturday will tell you that if you don't already believe it. If you’re interested in getting involved with stuff, the 6th Annual Neighborhood Empowerment Summit kicks off Saturday morning at 8:30AM and is focused on how you can make a difference in your neighborhoods and communities. There will be ample opportunity for people watching and we want to see what you’re doing and you can show us by tagging your photos #WDDI. Now, get out there and rage, y'all.

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Wednesday, October 22nd
To Be Takei | Auditorium Building at UNT | 8PM
A special screening of the documentary in advance of George Takei’s lecture on this coming Monday.

Ferrous Sound Presents: Old and Ill / Bridge Farmers / Terminator 2 / Plunge | Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios | $1

Thursday, October 23rd
100,000 Homes Kickoff Celebration & Fundraiser | Mulberry Street Cantina | 5PM
Denton has joined the 100,000 Homes campaign and is kicking things off this Thursday at Mulberry St. Cantina. If you want to get up to speed on this great campaign, check out the video. It’s a nationwide housing initiative aimed at housing 100,000 of the most vulnerable, un-housed people in America.

Friday, October 24th
Audacity Brew House Grand Opening | Audacity Brew House 1012 Shady Oaks Dr. | 4PM
Kick your weekend off right at the grand opening of the newest brewhouse in Denton. Music, beer, and much more. 

Saturday, October 25th
The 6th Annual Neighborhood Empowerment Summit: Moving Forward With Purpose | Civic Center | 8:30AM - 2PM | FREE
Do you give a damn about your neighborhood and want to make a positive impact on your community? Come check out this conference with roundtable discussions and presentations by some of our cities best citizens. It shouldn't be nearly as boring as most roundtable discussions and presentations. Especially if YOU'RE there. Oh yeah, there's also free lunch, door prizes, and awards. No awards for best eating of the free lunch, though. 

Denton Day of the Dead Coffin Race on Oak St | Oak St. Drafthouse | 11AM - 9PM
One of Denton’s most beloved holiday traditions is this Saturday and will effectively take over the entire square and shut down Oak Street so people can race down the hill in home made soap boxes shaped like coffins. This is a must-attend event for anyone claiming to be a Dentonite. Go cheer for your favorite coffin and cross your fingers that no one gets hurt (or cheer for that). Either way, it should be a good time. Coffin races are from 1-4PM.

Cirque du Horror | Dan’s Silver Leaf | 4:30PM & 9:30PM
Musical genius and macabre mastermind, David J Pierce presents his yearly Halloween musical with two shows on Saturday and then a 5PM matinee on Sunday. Buy tickets online because this incredible show will probably sell out.

Group Bike Ride to Audacity Brew House | Lot Across from OSDH | 9PM
Remember bike lights for this one! Check out the route map to the Twilight Parade and the group ride here.

Sunday, October 26th
7th Annual Bloody Mary Battle | II Charlies | 3PM
What a great way to nurse the headache Sunday Morning. Has it really been 7 years? Color us impressed.

Mulberry Mutts & Margaritas (& kitties too) | Mulberry St. Cantina | 2PM
We totally love animals and this is a great way to drink for a cause because 10% of profits will be donates to the Denton Animal Shelter Foundation. 

Monday, October 27th
The Distinguished Lecture Series Presents Takei | Coliseum | 8PM
He’s not just a clever social media user, he was also in a sci-fi show that people who don’t know a thing about sci-fi get confused with Star Wars because they're idiots. Oh yeah, dude is funny, too. Make plans to go listen to George Takei talk at UNT next Monday.