Keep up with Scott at  dentoning.com

Keep up with Scott at dentoning.com

Today, Scott Campbell of Dentoning writes to us with his thoughts on the 2014 Bond Package. 50 nominated citizens worked for months putting together this package (including two members of We Denton Do It and Campbell himself). Suffice it to say, on this issue, we're wearing our bias on our sleeves. The package is actually divided up into four separate items on the ballot. We should also note, that while it doesn't mention it below, the "parks" portion of the bond package includes plans for building a splash park in Carl Young Sr. Park. 

Keep in mind that in order to vote on these local propositions, you need to make sure not to vote "straight party." You have to go through and vote on every candidate individually to get to the propositions which are at the bottom. Now on to that "Dentoning" guy...

We live in an awesome town. What makes Denton so great has been written about in WDDI, and in other blogs, and a multitude of various media outlets innumerable times. Part of what makes Denton so special is its age.

Our town is OLD....and with its age comes an old infrastructure. If you have left your driveway in the past 30 years, you know the state of decline our streets have reached. The bond package in the election before us is comprised of four NEEDS: streets, public safety, drainage and parks.

It is time for a change......which means change from our pockets.......literally pocket change.

No one likes tax increases, but to put things into perspective, a 2009 study showed that JUST to bring Denton's streets up to par would require an outlay of $157 MILLION. 

This bond package asks for $98 MILLION in FOUR categories....

Streets: $61,710,00 (38% of what is truly needed)

Public Safety: $16,565,000 (replacement of two sub-par fire stations, improvements for our emergency first responders and more)

Drainage: $8,545,000 (takes large areas out of the flood plain which increases property values and thus the tax base...and would prevent flooding of Denton homes and businesses)

Parks: $11,355,000 (who doesn't like parks, green space and the recreation opportunities they bring? Again, a part of what makes Denton so richly liveable)

Denton has been recognized countless times by prestigious entities for being the incredible place we choose to live. To maintain that uniqueness, and the money it brings into our fair city, we need to invest. This bond package gives us the opportunity to make that investment in Denton and its future. 

Denton isn't South Lake or Plano (thank goodness).....they come to Denton to mimic what we have.....to create what we have naturally. Keeping Denton the way so many other towns wish they were will cost the average tax payer (average home value of $166,728) about $50 a year... 

.....or $4.16 a MONTH.

That is the cost of one double-chuck chili-cheese latte.......the "change" mentioned above.

Denton is our workground, our lifeground and our playground........

Let's keep our little oasis of coolness cool! Denton needs a touch up and voting YES for all four parts of the bond package will insure that Denton continues to be the DENTON we love!