By Danielle Longueville

Last weekend we ventured over to UNT campus for a late afternoon of music, art, waffles and fun courtesy of Innovation Greenhouse. Read on and see how it all went down.

The UNT Acoustic Garden, a highly understated outdoors venue located on central campus, plays host to local performers and vendors for passerby’s to enjoy. Every Third Friday of the month, Innovation Greenhouse pools five bands, an artist and a couple of food trucks from the DFW area for an opportunity to do just as the title reads: showcase their hard work and talent to an untapped potential fan base. This month featured local musicians such as electro rock group Space Goose and The (Sunsets), even some out-of-towners including Diamond Kings and The Space In Between. Pablo Gibbs of Gibbsgood art featured his vibrant prints and newly released sticker line as well. We asked a few audience members their thoughts on the Showcase and Innovation Greenhouse itself.

The Diamond Kings

The Diamond Kings

Freshman art student, Michael Wood said, “ For me, the Music and Art Showcase is a monthly exposure to the life and culture of Denton." He went on to mention how the Innovation Greenhouse not only teaches students what tools they need to become a successful innovator, but also does a great job of giving them access to those tools to give them a chance to actually create and create well. 

Adam Hasley, Innovation Greenhouse employee, discussed the fact that the organization also also does a great job of providing entertainment to UNT students and the citizens of Denton, in general. "Seeing students dancing side by side with Denton residents young and old reminds me why I work for the Greenhouse. It's all about giving back to the students and the surrounding community," Hasley said. The Greenhouse puts on shows with local bands, artists, and more. 

With support like this from a community such as ours, we can only hope that this event will continue to grow and serve our creative culture from grass root to harvest so that we may all enjoy the fruits of their labor.