We’re less than a month away from the celebration of alcoholic beverages encased inside  aluminum and steel that has come to be known better as Canned, and we’re getting pretty excited at this point. Last Saturday Dallas had another Untapped festival at Gilley’s and while it was overwhelmingly awesome, it definitely left us waiting for more.

Thankfully, the folks over at Untapped (Canned’s mommy and daddy) were kind enough to share a few new pieces of info with us about what to expect come October 5th. Apparently, both Oak St. Drafthouse and the newly opened (but quickly embraced) East Side Social Club will play host. Between the two establishments (each owned by John Williams), over 170 different taps and over 100 different Texas-born drafts will be available for patrons to choose from. We’re making our drinking plans already.

Another aspect of Canned that has us excited is something we didn’t expect. Denton Municipal Electric has partnered with Canned, promising that 100% of the energy used at the festival will be “wind-collected.” We’ve bragged on DME before, but this was something that will make us feel a little better after paying that August electricity bill. In addition, Sierra Nevada, the world’s most environmentally sustainable brewery will provide the beer garden and Keep Denton Beautiful will be present to educate the public on recycling and sustainability. All of this together makes Canned the most environmentally friendly festival the county has ever seen. Oh, and there’s gonna be beer and live music, too. Did we mention that?

Buy tickets here and buy them fast. Or, if you want to skip the ticketing fees, you can pick up tickets at Oak Street Draft House or East Side Social Club. Either way, get 'em quick, you don't want to miss this.