by Naomi Wood


We aren't yogis by any stretch, but we can appreciate a good yoga class when we find one. Regardless of your fondness for Vinyasa, Chakra, or Hatha, at this point they're all fairly well represented in Denton.  Now if you can’t shove your legs behind your head while chanting mantras, no worries. We've gone out, stretched too much and done a little research on the various yoga facilities in town. While we're all the more zen for it, we've also got a bunch of information we'd like to share with ya.

One of the most familiar Denton landmarks, The Yoga Hut,  has been around for decades. It's been nestled in it's comfy little corner on North Locust since 2000. Their Buddhist-style frame attracts many curious glances, and although the healing garden is a bit overgrown, it could be a quiet refuge amidst Denton’s bustling streets. So if you like the shrine-y/temple feel,  you’re in luck! The yoga hut also doubles as a  residential space, where locals can live and stretch in harmony. Owner Lori Blunk follows the B.K.S Iyengar teaching, which focuses on the eight-limbed body. Now, this isn’t a human centipede style she’s talking about, the eight limbs are in reference to the eight steps of yoga, which include a focus on morality, observances, postures, breathing, senses, perception, meditation, and union.

The Denton Yoga Center on Congress was started by Denton native Becky Klett in 2008. Her therapeutic, alignment-focused practice can be adapted to all levels, whether you're a beginner or super zen. Whether you can barely touch your toes, or can simultaneously headstand while in camel pose, this studio may just be the right fit for you. The smaller setup and supportive community environment allows for more teacher-student interaction. Although Becky has been teaching yoga in Denton for over a decade, she still makes a point to walk through her classes and personally align her students.


“To keep the body in good health is a duty... otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”
— Buddha
Valerie Warren of Authentic Yoga Life   Photo by Stephanie Smith

Valerie Warren of Authentic Yoga Life
Photo by Stephanie Smith

Maybe the kumbaya approach that the two previous studios embody are a bit much for your taste. If so, we featured the new Authentic Yoga Life studio that opened on Austin Street this past spring. Valerie Warren saw the need for a modern hot yoga studio in Denton, and jumped on the opportunity to be close to the square. This studio is bright, simple, and chic, and provides a vinyasa style that anyone would feel comfortable participating in.  

If yoga really isn’t your thing, but you’re still interested in subduing your stresses, you can head over to Seven Mile Cafe on Wednesday nights at 6:30, for a mindfulness and meditation session led by Kadampa Buddhist Teacher, Jenny Streit-Horn.

You might feel better, and if not, you can always grab a cup of joe afterward.

Namaste, Dentonites.