The new rooftop patio going up on what will soon be the home of Lone Star Attitude. 

The new rooftop patio going up on what will soon be the home of Lone Star Attitude. 

Denton has had new restaurants either under construction or opening left and right constantly for the past few months. We're loving all of the new concepts and menu ideas people keep coming up with and bringing to town. Whether its a new food truck or a tequila bar, we're just happy to see new businesses opening their doors, adding to the tax base and giving us more options for Friday nights. 

Of course, there is more than just new food happening in Denton County currently, and, thankfully, our very own Glen Farris has been nursing his meeting addiction to make sure you've got the 4-1-1 on what's happening around town. 

The East Hickory Street Parking Plan is about to be underway. From Locust to Bell we'll be dealing with the joys of construction for several months. The good news is that all of the water and sewer has already been buried east of Bell. The bad news, though, is that the construction will still take at least six months to complete. Over that six months, we'll see street closures, detours, blocked off parking, messed up sidewalks, orange cones and plenty of barricades all over the place. Thankfully, it won't be in vain. The renovations will add tons of parking downtown, pedestrian-scale lighting, wider sidewalks, crosswalks across Hickory, park benches and some drought tolerant landscaping with rain collection and water storage to break up the concrete jungle of the parking lots. Start practicing your parking in reverse now folks (think South Congress in Austin). Once the construction clears, you'll have plenty of places to park on E. Hickory, but it will all be back-in-angled parking, so make sure your rearview mirror is in good, working condition. 

Speaking of things happening around the square, the giant bluebonnet clad trash compactors are getting a little makeover. Instead of generic scenes of the Texas prairie, we'll have a few more localized, artsy images for you to admire when you throw away your orange and brown Jupiter House cups. 

Remember when we talked about Lone Star Attitude adding a roof top patio, the old building next to Travelstead getting a new roof, and the forthcoming East Side Social Club getting an awesome patio? Well, it's all happening right now, folks. So, be careful to watch where you walk when you're strolling downtown, there are cranes overhead and they're carrying heavy stuff. 

After all of the hullabaloo in June, the Subway sign went through much of July unchanged.  Subway however, has in fact opened their doors to little fanfare or petitioning (at least from what we saw). We hear the new sign will be going up shortly. So if you're craving a $5 foot long, or just feel like you'd like to 'eat fresh' - you'll now have the chance to do so on the square. You also have the choice not to, and to instead choose to grab lunch from one of the many other restaurants on the square that serve up super fresh sammies. Have you tried Smiling Moose yet? 

 We've been awaiting it's opening for months, and after much trial and trepidation, Mulberry St. Cantina is finally open. While they had a few scheduling mishaps during their first week open, it's looking like a surefire place to hit up, post-work. Make sure to stop by (if you haven't already) and try one of their muy excelente tequilas on their cobra tap or one of the Mezcal Mules as you work on your horrible Spanish this weekend.  

Goldmine BBQ opened their doors at the beginning of the month. We stopped by and tried a few things. We'll do so again and hope to have a review in the future. Have you stopped by yet? What did you think?  

Coming soon is Last Drop Tavern and Irish Boozer. Guys, get ready. It's the year of the themed restaurant. Last Drop, we heard you were announcing a soft launch in early August. We'll be keeping up with your Facebook page for confirmation, but expect to see us there. We're ready to try out your wood-fired pizzas and old English style pub fare. 

All of that pizza and booze making you feel a little bloated? Don't worry. Twisted Bodies Pilates has joined the downtown family. So pack on the pounds now, and burn it all off by employing the newest fitness studio in Denton. Denton, does our blog look fat?