Album art for Savage and the Big Beat 

Album art for Savage and the Big Beat 

Every month, we like to take a quick look into the Denton music scene and highlight three recent songs from current Denton bands. Last month, we heard from Daniel Markham, Biographies and Bashe. This month, two of our three entries harken back to Denton music of the recent past. A pretty big Denton band released a nice single yesterday and we'd love to share it with ya, but it's streaming exclusively on Paste right now. Oh well. Read on to hear music from the likes of Paul Henry North, Savage and the Big Beat and Strange Towers. 

Savage and the Big Beat is our local pop rock band. They write extremely bombastic rock songs that wouldn’t sound out of place on A Night At the Opera. Heck, lead vocalist, Max Brown, even sounds like Freddie Mercury. This song is as dynamic as anything off of their new EP, We Are Defenders, which you can pick up at their album release show on June 29th at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.

Strange Towers

So, we’ve been waiting for these dudes to put out a song for us to feature on this column for a while now, and we’re still waiting. That said, we’re just going to grab this low quality video recording of a recent Strange Towers practice off of their Facebook page to share with you. We normally like to stick to embeddable songs, but we're making an exception in this case. The video should give you a good idea of what to expect from this soon-to-be Denton powerhouse. Strange Towers marries the technical proficiency of one-time Denton rockers Record Hop with the spastic wonderful weirdness of The Undoing of David Wright, and it doesn’t end up like that new Omar Rodriguez Lopez band, thankfully. By the way, if those two name drops haven’t piqued your interests, go do yourself a little Googlin’ and come back. You can hear more Strange Towers (and bug ‘em for recorded material) at their next show this Thursday, June 27th at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios.


Paul Henry North is one of the few remaining Sleepwhale/Mom side-projects in what was once a sea of incestuous bands that all were great. This track showcases just how far North has come as a songwriter in the years since he earned his Pitchfork stripes back in 2009 with his song Waving Hands. Back then, North was recording under the moniker Sunnybrook, but he's since grown as a musician and lost the name. While maintaining the same lo-fi ramshackle sound, North has really managed to create a sort of reigned-in manageable chaos in this beautiful tune that is really easy to get lost in. “The Lonely One” was recorded using one of the much sought after Copperphone copper microphones North helps manufacture through Placid Audio.