Let's get down to  brass tacks, as they say. We live in a capitalistic economic system. It's a free market structure characterized by private ownership, personal decisions, prices, production and the distribution of goods (or sandwiches in). This is a real good thing. This system gives the consumer the option of eating fresh sandwiches but also gives the option of some serious and awesome local food choices. So it's time to put your money where your mouths (or stomachs) are and check out PamFood Brunch at Paschall's on Sunday or maybe the Mudbug & Microbrew event at Earthwise. They may not have neon signs to lead you to their front doors, but hey, like always, we've got you covered. There are really talented folks in our community doing what they love and it's just going to be a flat out more productive use of your time and money, and better for our town, to support the good things it has to offer. Because we all know that the best sandwich money can buy in Denton is J&J's Italian Sausage.


Wednesday June 19
Swine & Wine | Wine Squared | 7PM | RSVP prepay only $25
Who doesn't love a good summer time pig roast? Get on this deal ASAP because it's happening tonight.

City Mouse / Pink Smoke / Daikailu / She Banshee | J&J's | 9:30 | FREE
If there ever was a thin line between Mumford and Sons and They Might Be Giants, City Mouse finds that line and sits on it. This is a really odd pairing of bands but it's free and there's opportunity for some good pizza or the best Italian sausage sandwich before or after you catch Pink Smoke which really is the highlight of this odd line up. The more they sound like The Damned, the better they get.

Movie In The Park: Puss In Boots | Quakertown Park | 8:00PM | FREE

Friday June 20
Slaid Cleaves | Dan's | 8:00PM | $18
One of the great songwriters of our day takes over Dan's Silverleaf this Friday. This will be quite a treat to hear in the always pristine sounding venue (thanks, Jimmy).

New Science Projects / Diving / Katie And The Lichen / OK Vancouver OK / Christian Medrano | Macaroni Island | 8:00PM | FREE
No Jerks.

Saturday June 22
Radar Brothers / Foe Destroyer / Photo Ops | Rubbergloves | 9:00PM | $13
Fun fact about the Radar Brothers is that Jim Putman is the son of Bill Putman who is the founder of Universal Audio and known as the father of modern music recording. It's a gear thing. This is a stellar lineup with Foe Destroyer rounding out the local side of this bill. Be sure to check out their new release on bandcamp which is a gritty pop mix reminiscent of Self.


Sunday June 23
Old Warhorse Live Album Recording / Burnt Sienna | Dan's | 10PM | FREE

Mudbugs & Microbrew | Earthwise Gardens | 4PM | $25 online
All you can eat crawfish and a chilled green bean salad, caprase salad and homemade bluberry basil ice cream. All produce is locally sourced and they've paired it all with home brew tastings.

PamFood Sunday Brunch | Paschall Bar | 12:30 | $16
If you haven't had PamFood then you really need to get with it. She's serving Eggs in a Basket, Shrimp & Grits and Peach Cobbler this Sunday. Wash it down with a few of Paschall's Older Fashioneds and you're good to go.

Monday June 24
Ferrous Sounds Presents: Oryx / Black Tar Prophet / Terminator 2 / Mountain of Smoke | Rubbergloves | 8PM | $1
These guys have been busy continuing the legacy of House of Tinnitus.