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After you’ve done your Pinterest projects, paper mache solar systems and Twilight Tunes is over - you realize that eight weeks of summer is a long time to fill with activities. 

Good lord, have you seen how many different kid-centric programs the Denton Public Library offers? Sure, they’re on an ongoing basis, but they seem to have really beefed things up for the summer season. Whether your kid is into Legos, art or photography, there is definitely a class that can hold their attention at one of the local libraries. Checkout this page to see a list of them all. The best part is that they’re all free. Some do require pre-registration, so make sure you call ahead to reserve your kiddo a spot beforehand.


Cool off with the city’s local man-made bodies of water. The Natatorium and waterpark are in north Denton right off of 288. Print out this coupon for $2 off admission before you head out there. If you’re smart and think you’ll head out there a lot, go with the family pack discount or go after 4pm on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday to get $3 off your admission. Oh, and don’t forget about the civic center pool, crashing all of those apartment pools and the pool your elderly neighbors have.


The summer is a great time for your child to get knee deep in a book. Whether they are finishing up the latest adventures of Captain Underpants, or having their first foray into the world of Philip K. Dick, hopefully you’re encouraging your child’s reading. If you’re already doing it, why not have them be rewarded? Both Recycled Books and the Denton Public Library have summer reading programs that just started. Recycled gives kids $5 to spend in their store after they read for 30 minutes a day for 4 days a week. The library awards kids with various books and has a party at the waterpark at the end of the summer.


The Cinemark Theatre on Unicorn Lake has a summer movie special for kids this year. About once a week, they’ll be showing special movies for kids for only $1 per ticket. You can check out the dates and a list of which movies they will be showing here. All movies start at 9am. Plan to hit up the other Beth Marie’s afterwards because it will probably already be over 100 by the time your movie let’s out.


Enroll your son or daughter in one of the many awesome summer camps we highlighted a few weeks ago.