Monday was a great day to recover from The Quest For The Golden Jesus Chili Cookoff. The downside is that the short week means no time to plan for the weekend. That's why you're reading this, right?

Even though Summer is in full effect, the actual first day of Summer isn't until June 21st so take advantage of the cool weather and start making that list of Texas BBQ joints you're going to hit.


Thursday May 30
The Gourds | Dan's | 9PM | $15
Austin heavy-hitters The Gourds take over Dan's this Thursday and probably won't be playing Gin & Juice unless you ask really nicely or loudly.

Twilight Tunes | Courthouse Square | 6:30PM | FREE

The award winning series continues with Bonnie & Nick Norris. Load the kiddos up on candy and ice cream and let them go nuts.

Bukkake Moms / Curvette / The Great Depressions | Gloves | $1
On a budget this summer? Can't beat a single dollar for this one.

Friday May 31
Doug Burr / Fox & The Bird / Glen Farris | St. David's | $10 / $13
This is the same beautiful room Sarah Jaffe and Seryn played a few years back. The copious smoking outside the door is what kept tasteful shows from happening till now but with the guidance of Denton statesmen Eric Pulido and Dave Sims paving the way to use this room, lets hope the trend continues.

Hares On The Mountain / Boxcar Bandits / AM Ramblers | Dan's | 9PM | $8

Cardo's 2013 Summer Camp Enrollment Closes | Cardo's Farm Project | this summer
Make sure to get your kiddos enrolled in one of the programs Cardo's is offering this summer.

Dog Days Of Denton | 5PM | Quakertown Park
Who doesn't like dogs? Or a park overrun by dog lovers? This event kicks off at 5PM with "Yappy Hour" (now we're talkin') and starts up with more festivities Saturday morning at 8:30AM. This not for profit organization "welcomes FRIENDLY DOGS and their owners. All owners are responsible and liable for their pet(s). For everyone’s safety, dogs MUST BE ON A LEASH and have CURRENT VACCINATIONS."



Saturday June 1
Baptist General's Album Release "JACKLEG DEVOTIONAL TO THE HEART" | Dan's | 9PM | $15
Possibly the longest and most awaited record from a band in the history of Denton. Whatever your thoughts on their recordings, Flemmons and company have always had a way of taking over a room when they play live.

Denton Camera Exchange Grand Opening | 117 Piner St | 4PM | FREE
Food, drink and The Instant Film Society will be there with their 8x10 Instant Photo Booth.  


Tuesday June 4 
Birds of Night / The Technicolors / HI JR | Dan's | $10
The Technicolors are on the road and coming into town early in the week with their petty-esque sounds.