The Denton Community Theatre offers summer classes for children in The Black Box theatre. 

The Denton Community Theatre offers summer classes for children in The Black Box theatre. 

Whether you’re a homeschooling parent sick of seeing your child’s charming face all the time, or just looking to cut back on the amount of time your little Harry or Susan spends playing Mass Effect 3, Denton has a lot of summer camps for you to send your children off to this summer. Below you’ll find our picks for some of the most fun and educational of the camps offered.


Cardo’s Farm Summer Camp

Our favorite local farmers over at Cardo’s are welcoming children to their sprout farm once again this year. Registration is closing this week, so make sure to register your youngin' as soon as possible. Kids get a chance to see what real life is like for an organic farmer and get to get up close and personal with plenty of chickens. The camp is offered most week days in June. For more information, click here.


ATC Technology Summer Camp

Denton ISD’s Advanced Technology Complex sits in the random nice-looking building over the by The Natatorium/Waterpark area on Loop 288. While the vocational school is normally only for high school juniors and seniors, for a week in the summer it is opened up to 4th through 6th graders. This year, the camp has a focus on robotics. Students will complete various projects over the course of the week. Some will have a robotics focus (i.e. Lego and Fischertek projects), while others will give students a small glimpse into the classes offered at the school (graphic design, photography and and culinary arts to name a few). The camp is for students entering 4th - 6th grades. It runs from July 17th through the 20th and is $70.


Greater Denton Arts Council Summer Arts Camp

This year, the Greater Denton Arts Council’s summer arts camp has a focus on storytelling. Classes are designed to teach students how to weave a story through painting, dancing, music, drawing and basically everything except for weaving, itself (maybe they’ll add that). Classes are available for kids ages 5 - 14 and they run from June 10th -through the 14th. The cost is $60 ($55.00 for GDAC members).


Denton Community Theatre’s Summer Creativity Class

While you may spend time wishing that the DCT had some vitality injected into it’s marquee whenever you walk down Hickory St, the creative minds behind the theatre are welcoming youngin’s into their new Blackbox Theatre once more this year. DCT’s Summer Creativity Class has a super hero focus this year. Classes are available for children aged 4 - 18. There are mulitple classes available throughout the summer. Some work towards putting together their summer musical, The Little Mermaid, too. So long as they aren’t teaching our kids how to develop websites, we’re happy with ‘em. If you’re interested in these classes, call (940) 383-1356.


UNT’s Elm Fork’s Explorers Camp

UNT has plenty of classes for your budding anthropologists with their Explorer’s Camp. All classes are based out of the Environmental Sciences building and deal with the study/exploration of nature at some level. There are lots of diverse options for students of all ages. Class topics range from water to macroscopic transformations of various forms of matter. Yes, seriously.


City of Denton's Summer Camps and Trips

Last, but not least, the city of Denton also offers plenty of different camps or daytime activities for your son or daughter. While their website and payment method is a little convoluted, we've participated in a couple of these classes before and they were great. We especially like the crew over at the North Lakes Rec Center. There's a great variety of classes for kids of all ages.