We started off April pushing politics in your face like your Uncle Ronny during Thanksgiving. We not only showcased each of the various candidates from each district with interviews, but also heard from local political-guru, Josh Berthume, and what he thought of the local election. Later on in April, early voting started and only around 100 people voted early in the two days of April they were able to. Here are our interviews from districts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Japanese metal gods, Boris, rocked Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios in late April. Little D wrote about it. Hopefully you were there and weren’t one of the people listing off reasons why Japanese people should be friends with you.

The Denton Community Market began it’s 2013 season in early April. They had large crowds to accompany their newly redesigned layout. This past Saturday’s market was smaller in both attendance and booths which was possibly due to either the weather or the fact that Denton Arts and Jazz Fest was happening at the same time less than a mile away. Speaking of...

Denton Arts and Jazz Festival celebrated it’s 33rd year and was as popular and jammed packed full of awesomeness as ever. We tried to give you guys a little help with how to best attend jazz fest, but based on what we saw during out time at the fest, y’all might not have listened very well.

Our friends over at Bookish Coffee received the entire funding they needed to purchase their new roaster. We highlighted theirs and a few other local Kickstarters on the blog.

People finally started reading signs and figured out that a Subway restaurant is opening up on the square. District 1 City Councilman Kevin Roden had some great words to say about it. It reminded us of a much lighter version of Fry St. being torn apart.

We tried our hand at giving you guys some help with thrifting and some of you yelled at us. We’re still right, but we like it when y’all have opinions.

WFAA started filming a bit in Denton and highlighted some of our food trucks. Later on they were served coffee at Jupiter House by the mayor.

UNT on the Square’s exhibit of the work of remixer Austin Kleon and his blackout poetry. We scored an interview with the man behind the sharpie. The exhibit is still open if you haven’t had the chance to take it in yet.

We visited the Redbud Festival, reviewed the Denton food truck Shiitake Swerve and took in some culture at the Trashion Fashion show.

Tim Love went back to the cow at his reinvigorated spot on Hickory now dubbed Queenie’s. While he and his crew ducked our interview requests, we still checked it out. Review forthcoming.

Rusty Taco showed us their cards and started work on their new patio over the previous mural that had been occupying the space.

Sean Starr popped up in videos on NPR, we interviewed him about his sign business, and he continued to make awesome stuff around town.

That's all we can remember, though. Did we forget something important that happened in Denton during the month of April? Let us know in the comments.