This month our resident fountain of useless semi-knowledge, Wiseguy, helps out a local mom who accidentally keeps purchasing her son music she doesn't think he should be listening to. While she wants to keep it local, she isn't sure how. Can Wiseguy solve this problem? Let's find out!

Hey Wiseguy,

I recently purchased a Baptist Generals album for my 11 year old son who has recently been turned on to rock music. I purchased this album thinking it would be music akin to our family’s values. The name gave me that impression. Boy was I wrong! The secular songs on this album were nothing but tributes to alcohol and possibly-undiagnosed anger issues. Wiseguy, can you help me find some music that is suitable for my son?

Pearl E. Gates

A lady writes in detailing her issue with secular music for her son. 

A lady writes in detailing her issue with secular music for her son. 


While Wiseguy is pro music of any sort (seriously, did you get a chance to peruse our recent 3 Songs list for the month of April?), we understand that not everyone else is and we applaud you for trying to keep it local. So we’re more than happy to help!

While some may argue that they've had religious experiences at acoustic Baptist Generals shows a la early Sigur Ros shows, it’s probably fair to say that they shouldn't be classified as “religious” music, nor would Flemmons and co. want it to be.

Instead, you may want to turn your son onto such musical talents as Seryn or Least of These. Both bands have definitive youth appeal. While Seryn will touch the inner bearded hippie in your son with their multi-layered harmonies and vast array of acoustic instruments, Least of These is better for budding young rockers with bad haircuts and basically sounds one click away from your everyday alternative rock you hear on the radio. You’ve got most of the gamut covered from those two for most male tweens. If he’s an old soul, though, turn him on to some Doug Burr. His Whiskeytown-esque brand of country-fed Americana is something we’re sure you, yourself, wouldn't mind hearing coming through your car speakers after picking him up from middle school. It would at least be much better than that song where the dude just yells, “Sail!” over and over again, right?

Good for you for taking an interest in your son’s listening habits, but bear in mind that he’s probably gonna be hearing whatever he wants to listen to in other places (our friend Nick is the only person outside of India who still buys CDs) where you may have less control than you'd like. There’s plenty of good-hearted secular music in town that you’d probably be able to get behind. There’s about an 80% chance you’ll dig Brave Combo (90% if you drink). Have at it.