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La Mexicana, "authentic" Mexican food for 35 Denton attendees. 

La Mexicana, "authentic" Mexican food for 35 Denton attendees. 

Hey Wiseguy,

I’m a waiter at a local restaurant called La Mexicana. It’s located on S. Locust St. over by Eagle. Anyways. I’ve worked here for about five years now and I’ve just put together that every March, things get kinda weird. For a few days in the middle of the month we have an influx of customers. Not just customers, but a specific kind of customer. I’m not sure how to describe them. They overly enunciate words such as cilantro or carne asada and they always ask for “off-the-menu” items.

We have a few people who come in at other times in the year (I think one of them is a local city councilman), but it’s always the worst in the middle of March. Anyway, as nice as it is to have the extra business, they don’t tip well and they make me feel really awkward. Do you have any tips on how to deal with these March people? Thanks in advance, Wiseguy.


Miffed at La Mexicana

Dear Miffed,

Oh no. We think that we might have been that person before. The temptation to roll “R’s” when given the opportunity is just too much to resist. Is hitting the “T” in “horchata” really frowned upon, as well? If so, we’ll stop it. Promise!

Anyway. I think I have half of an answer for you (we’re good at that -- it’s the full answers we have problems with). 35 Denton is a local music festival that happens every year in the middle of March. The bands booked at this music festival tend to attract the type of people you’re describing. The majority of the festival happens in or around the square, but oftentimes some of the crowd will eek out to other areas of Denton and you guys are pretty close, as-is. It’s good for our local economy, but hard on some folks' patience. 

...think about temporarily changing the name to ‘THE Mexicana.’

Anyway, attendees of this event are probably the patrons you’re having problems with. They tend to seek out the most “authentic” places of any given area and eat/shop there. Take it as a compliment! La Mexicana must be pretty authentic Mexican food in their eyes. We tend to eat our Mexican food on the EMTC (read East McKinney Taco Corridor), but to each their own. If you want them to stop attending your establishment, think about temporarily changing the name to “THE Mexicana,” putting ketchup bottles on the table or by having exclusively large-breasted women work as waitresses for a bit. They’ll stop showing up. Promise. If nothing else, just put up a sign that says, “Closed for 35 Denton. Go eat at La Sabrocita.” Then go fishing. They’ll be gone by Monday.