35 Denton is upon us once again. Sure, you could go out without any plans and probably manage to have a good time, but wouldn't it be much better if you let some strangers on a blog give you questionable advice? Of course it would! Here's a list of We Denton Do It-approved things you can do (and some that you shouldn't) during the next five days. We'll be updating with some coverage during the festival on our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so make sure to follow us there if you haven't already. Oh, and don't fest too hard, y'all! 

Things to do:

Stop by Banter Friday evening to pick up compilation #4 in Gutterth’s ongoing series. It’s full of great music from Denton that you can own! If you miss the show, it’s still available to download on their site starting Friday!

Enjoy the non-35 Denton shows. Just because you spent some money getting your pretty wristband doesn’t mean you should ignore the free shows going on that aren’t part of 35. Your Facebook events page is probably filled with house shows and other day shows that aren’t affiliated with 35 in any way and are sure to be a blast. That said, still support 35 Denton!

Wear your vintage 35 Conferette or NX35 T-shirt. Remember that word Chris Flemmons made up that never caught on? Bring back those memories. Hopefully, you’ve washed the Flaming Lips confetti off of it since then.

Get one of those awesome, new Denton shirts from Pan Ector with the horrible profanity on the front. Watch them make it for you on the spot, while you’re at it.

Pick up a Local Lore zine from the Spiderweb Salon show -- it includes prose, poetry, essays, and art inspired by our amazing city and is the perfect memento for this weekend/life in Denton ($3).


Things not to do:

Don’t forget your rain jacket at home. We can’t remember a 35 that it hasn’t rained at least once. If you don’t own a rain jacket, be prepared to steal a stranger’s umbrella. Just make sure it’s a nondescript one!

Don’t eat at home! We’ve had the ability to have food trucks in town for about six months now, Denton, and we’re still pretty few and far between as far as consistent trucks go. Show the trucks at 35 Denton how much we like to eat and maybe they’ll come back again! Also, don’t forget to patronize the restaurants and shops around the square so that they’ll know that 35 Denton is a boom to local business.

Think that you can show up late to a show and get into a venue. 35 Denton shows can get to 1-in-1-out level very quickly. Don’t think you can show up ten minutes before Com Truise starts and expect to get in. Plan ahead, get there early and stay through the crappy opening bands.

Heckle the 35 volunteers. These people are working their butts off for free so you can celebrate flunking your midterms. If you’re one of the guys that normally walks right into Dan’s Silverleaf without question, these people will most likely question you. Be polite to them, Glen.

Wear your wristband anywhere other than your wrist. It ain’t a necklace and you don’t want to cut off circulation to your foot. Keep your wristband on your wrist where it belongs.