Here are our top three local songs to check out this month. 

Pageantry from Denton, TX

Pageantry from Denton, TX

First off, we have the lead single from the full-length album Pageantry released last October. We're gonna go ahead and throw the term "math rock" out there for this, but with a qualifier. If Don Caballero is Calculus, then Pageantry is College Algebra, and that's not a bad thing. This song has enough driving force that anybody will be quickly sucked in. Over the course of the song the breaks and repetitions gradually build up to a gigantic opus that might even get away with it's use of a synth in an arguably non-synthy song. Pageantry is playing this Saturday at Hailey's with Chambers

You by Sacco & Vanzetti
Denton-wise, S&A is a good mix of Sunnybrook and Matthew and the Arrogant Sea. This song is full of lots of reverb-drenched builds and falls and starts and stops more than most bands' entire EPs. It's always refreshing to hear a band full of so many ideas that they couldn't stick to just one. Sacco & Vanzetti is also playing this Saturday, February 23rd at Hailey's with Chambers, Pageantry and a few other interesting bands

And not least today, we have local group, Bad Design. Bad Design definitely shows that age doesn't necessarily have anything to do with energy level when compared to our other two bands this month. Knockout Rose (track 2 from their LP released last year) moves quickly and before you know it, you've streamed their whole album. This song would fit right in the middle of any Dischord lover's collection. 

That's it for us this month, y'all. If you have a specific song you'd like to debut on the blog or just like for us to highlight, be sure to send us a message or leave us a comment!