Here are our picks for shows to hit up this week. If you think we missed something, tell us in the comments!


Monday, February 18th:

A Taste of Herb: a Tribute to Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass - Dan’s Silverleaf | 5:00pm | Free
If you haven't made it to check out A Taste of Herb at Dan's yet. Today is your day. What else are you gonna do? Spend time with your loved ones? Do you even have booze at home? 

Boxcar Bandits - Hailey's | Free/$5 | 10pm
Boxcar Bandits is a regular at Hailey's Club. They're currently playing every Monday when not on tour. They will also be playing at 35 Denton next month.

Tuesday, February 19th:

Ramsay Midwood / Brent Best - Dan's Silverleaf | $7 | 8pm
If you like your country music simple and dirty, go check out Ramsay Midwood. Dude's from Austin, TX and kinda sounds as if current day Josh Pearson was locked up like the suspected terrorist in Zero Dark Thirty, but instead of making him listen to metal, they forced him to listen to Rain Dogs-era Tom Waits over and over. Brent Best (Slobberbone, The Drams) opens. 

In Defence / Primitive Orgasm / Pissed Grave - Rubber Gloves | $7/$9 | 9pm
Rubber Gloves got the memo that it was dirty Tuesday and has this lineup. Nothing country here at all, though, people. If you're into thrash, moshing or angry-good times in general, this looks like the place to be. Opening bands have better names than your band, too. 

Wednesday, February 20th:

The Green Hour Residency with Robert Gomez - Dan's Silverleaf | Free | 5pm
Dan's has another great early, free show on Wednesday. Check this out especially if you like headless chickens

Hentai Improvising Orchestra / Tidbits / More Collective - Hailey's | $5/$10 | 9pm
This is the show we'll most likely be hitting up this week. Hentai Improvising Orchestra is an experimental improvisational group with lots of DIY equipment and a show that will either ruin your night or make your ears bleed in the best of ways. We haven't heard of the other bands, but opener Tidbits looks to offer more of the same in a more likely-to-be-restrained sort of way.