Here are our picks for shows to hit up this weekend. If you think we missed something, tell us in the comments!

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Friday, Feb. 15th:

Camp David/ Sophomore/ Chambers/ BabarVDAY.BDAY.PARTY.SHOW | 2300 W Oak St. 

Trebuchet/ Descender/ Bad Design - Dan’s Silverleaf | 9:00pm | Show 10:00pm | $5
Trebuchet is the working-man band of Denton. They always put in their time and they always do a good job. Definitely looks like a good show to get the slime of Valentine's Day off of your back. 

The Iron Claw/ Bubba Hernandez Y Los Super Vatos/ Fab Deuce  - Rubber Gloves | 9pm | $9 
Fab Deuce is a local group of MCs and DJs that always put on a good show, but the name Bubba Hernandez Y Los Super Vatos has us itching to be at Rubber Gloves to check these guys out based solely on the name.

The ParamedicIt Lies WithinSurrounded By MonstersAspire/ I Am Man, I Am Monster/ Citadel/ Fist Meets Face/ My Dear Epidemic/ To Keep You Safe - Hailey’s | 7pm | $10 Over 21 | $15 under 21
All of these bands look “tough” in their band photos. So, there’s that. Also, It Lies Within has one of those awesome metal logos that is completely illegible.

Saturday, Feb. 16th:

Deep ThroatBitch TeethPrinces of FucktownEccotone - Rubber Gloves | 9pm | $5 or $7
The Reggie Watts-approved local ridiculousness that is Deep Throat takes the stage this Saturday at Rubber Gloves with a whole crew of other grossly interesting bands. If you wanna sleaze it up after a nice Thin Line doc, this is the place to be.

Denton Babe Bash featuring The Virgin Wolves/ The Red Death/ Sol TaxClassy San DiegoStormy Durant - Hailey’s 8pm | $5 Over 21 | $7 ages 18 -21
Uh... so apparently Class San Diego is a female-fronted local ska band that we didn’t know existed. Might be worth your $5 just for that alone. Besides that, this is a show featuring a bunch of women-as-frontperson bands.

Denton Babe Bash

Denton Babe Bash

Sunday, Feb. 17th:

Hares on the Mountain - Dan’s Silvearleaf | 7pm | Free
And you can of course hit up Dan’s early Sunday evening for some always-accountable Americana for free. Do you not do this already? 

Oh, and Thin Line, too!

Also, here’s the entire schedule for the rest of Thin Line with our selections bolded. If you have not yet attended a Thin Line show, we highly encourage you to do so! Joshua Butler and crew do a great job of selecting documentaries that are not only interesting, but pertinent and thought-provoking. 

Campus Theatre:
Friday Feb 15:
3:30pm – Beyond Pollution/There Is No Place...
6:00pm – Seadrift vs. The Big Guy
8:00pm – 4 Nights in December
10:00pm – Shorts Program #7
Saturday Feb 16:
11:30am – Shorts Program #8
1:30pm – DocuDenton 7k Films
3:30pm – Brother on the Line
6:00pm – The House I Live In
8:30pm – The Informant
Sunday Feb 17
2:00pm – The Anderson Monarchs
4:00pm – In No Great Hurry
6:00pm – Central Park 5
8:30pm – Building Babel

Fine Arts Theatre:
Friday Feb 15:
6:30pm – Drawing Dead
8:30pm – Backyard Blockbusters
Saturday Feb 16
12:00pm – Swingman
2:00pm – Stories from Lakka Beach
5:00pm – Bat City USA
7:00pm – Invisible Young