Do y’all ever get into those conversations with people who have recently moved to Denton who just don’t dig it? We have - quite a bit actually. We’ve come to the conclusion that enjoying Denton life is a lot like taking a vacation to an all-inclusive resort - you have to completely buy in 100% to the events taking place while you’re there in order to enjoy it. This means going to large city events such as the Day of the Dead festival. That said, October was full of those types of events. Looks like November will be, too. Here is some of what happened over the past few weeks.

If we want to beat a dead horse, we could mention that Subway finally changed their sign at the beginning of the month after a long wait. Not to be outdone, the soon-to-open Lone Star Attitude put up their bright sign. Some took issue with it, as well. However, we haven't really heard any major rumblings about the classy corner sign put up by Cafe Herrera. 

The Atlantic Cities blog published an article saying that Denton County ranked #6 in a list of the tech hotspots in the nation. They came to this conclusion by looking at jobs that were created in the area between the years 2007 and 2012. City councilman Kevin Roden, says the city isn’t capitalizing on this fact correctly and published what he thinks should happen on his blog.

Oh man, was Canned this past month, too? That seems like it was forever ago. We enjoyed some wonderful canned brews and interviewed Menomena in between what seemed to be flash floods. We’re hoping Oaktopia is able to defy the “Rainy Denton Festival” curse.

Earlier this month, the city of Denton filed a temporary restraining order on the Eagleridge natural gas well to get them to stop operating without the necessary permits. The suits were dropped almost as quickly as anyone could report on the matter, and we haven’t heard much else out of it yet. City councilman, Dalton Gregory, says the city plans on rewriting (again) our local fracking rules. Said new rules will only apply to gas wells that are created after they are in effect, leaving existing gas wells to operate under the rules in place at the time of their initial drilling.

On the lighter side, we put on a show with Psychic Temple, Sarah Alexander and Shiny Around the Edges in which the latter sadly played their last show with their sax player Mike Forbes. 

Maker Space officially made the announcement that they have abandoned their original name and identity to become TRADE and plan to open in 2014.

We wrote about tacos and some of y’all whined about it. We’re gonna do it again soon, so get ready to argue with us.

We don’t want to jynx it, but the UNT football team has been strangely great this season. After their Halloween victory, they’re currently 6-3. We’re excited to see where this season will take them.

Local cold brewers, Dead Beat Coffee, sold out of their first batch of java. We’ll have more info from them and what they’re all about soon.

The Day of the Dead Festival happened again (a week before the actual Day of the Dead, mind you). The coffin races were bigger and better than ever before. We got to see lots of spectacle and a fair amount of crashes. We hope those things only increase next year. Oh yeah, the costumes were good, too.

The Horny Toad Cafe started prepping the old Good Eats spot over at Loop 288 and I-35 by Rose Costumes. All we know about them so far is that they are not related to the Horny Toad Bar and Grill in Cranfills Gap, TX. As soon as we know more, we’ll share the knowledge.

The Pizza Inn at the corner of University and Carroll suddenly closed down this month. They hurriedly took all of the signage down, too. We haven’t heard yet if there’s another business with plans to move in yet, but we’re thinking there must be.

Lastly, Irwindale, CA complained about the air and smell created by the Huy Fong Foods factory that produces the spicy Asian condiment, sriracha and wanted the factory to stop production until a solution was found. Kevin Roden (haven’t we already talked about him in here?) attempted to get the factory to move to Denton and created the social media tag #sriracha2denton encouraging others to share photos of Sriracha in and around Denton. We talked about how sriracha would make the town better. Some complained that they didn’t want it. While Irwindale and Huy Fong were able to figure things out on their own, the story of a small town Denton politician stealing sriracha from California got international attention and lots of buzz.

Alright, November. What ya got?