Picture by  Rich Anderson

Picture by Rich Anderson

It's Halloween, dudes. Costume parties, candy corn, and good times are gonna be all over the place before you're even out of work this evening. Maybe this is the year you finally stop being the Popeye to your spouse's Olive Oyl costume. Maybe you're tired of being a sexy nurse/politician/ocelot/what-have-you. We figured we'd step in and give you a hand. Here's a list of possible costumes for you to blow the lid off of whichever local costume party you plan on attending.The list is full of suggestions of Denton Halloween-specific costumes and how you can put them together. 

1. A Bartender at Paschall's

What you'll need to to: 

Go to Denton Thrift and find an old vest. Hit up Rose Costumes and grab a nice, curly mustache and some spirit gum (or grow one real quick). Carry around a jigger and a bottle of St. Germaine or Luxardo and discuss Norman Mailer. 

2. Peter Weller

What you'll need to to: 

Did y'all know Robocop got his degree in Theatre from UNT in the 1970's? He might not have spent too much time here after that, but we'll still claim him. With Weller, you have lots of different options. You could go as old school Robocop (just spray paint your naked body silver), William S. Burroughs from Naked Lunch (get a top coat, a fedora and a bunch of heroin) or even that one character from the 90's sci-fi classic Screamers that we honestly remember very little about, but we would definitely love to overhear you explain your costume to friends. 

3. Shiny Around the Edges (a couples costume)

What you'll need to do: 

Channel your inner White Stripes, it's an all red and black wardrobe from here on out. If you're going as lead singer, Michael Seman, you're gonna need some orange pants, a black t-shirt, some New Balance kicks and an Oakland Raiders baseball hat on top of your fro. If you're adventurous and going as going as Jenny Seman buy yourself  a red dress, a black sweater, some decent cowboy boots and try out a crazy sweeping side part to your luxurious dark brown hair. Pepper your conversations with topics like urban economics and free form jazz performance art in the form of indie rock. Maybe carry around a book or two, as well. 

4.  One of them Local Farmer People

What you'll need to do: 

You know these people right? You see 'em at the market. They're cool. They have good food, too. We just decided to be jerks and stereotype them a bit. This can be done with or without dreads. That's your choice. Get some patchouli, some 1970's era Levi's and carry around a bunch of eggs. Bonus points if you zone out in the middle of all of your conversations or introduce yourself to the same person three or four times in the course of a single evening. 

5. The John Williams (owner of East Side Social Club and Oak St. Draft House) 

What you'll need to do: 

Grab a beer, a bottle of whiskey and a stack of shot glasses. Wear an Oak Street Draft House shirt or sweatshirt, cargo shorts and flip flops. Offer a shot to anyone you make friends with. 

6. Frenchy's Famous Van

 What you'll need to do: 

Head to SCRAP or Hobby Lobby, grab a bright orange shirt and blue paint. Craft an excellent message on your shirt touting the local news, events or a message to a friend. Mow people's lawns even if they ask you not to. 

7. Endive

What you'll need to do:  

As we all know, Denton is known for it's endive - why not embrace it in the form of a Halloween costume this year? Wear some combination of white and green and smell fresh. Maybe be in a salad or something. We don't know. How do you prepare endive again?