In the name of overly-recent nostalgia, we're once again reliving a moment from within the past seven days. It was only last Saturday that we were standing in puddles of rain on Williams Square watching Portland-natives, Menomena, play at Canned. Williams Square is back to being a parking lot, without any awesome small ponds (puddles), no huddled masses under yellow umbrellas, and worst of all - no beer tents with tasty samples. Oh well, we guess we now have something to look forward to next year, and a slew of new beers to try out at Midway Mart or East Side Social Club. 

In the mean time, we'll be watching this video interview with Menomena that was shot at the end of the night by Alex Kuykendall featuring Addison Day and Alyssa Jarrell of WDDI, and look forward to Oaktopia and Rock Lottery (which we highlighted yesterday). If you're still hammering for more Canned stuff, make sure you checked out our What We Did photo series from this past Monday, featuring tons of user-submitted photos from Canned. Have a great weekend, everybody, and tag your photos with #WDDI!