If you enjoy lotteries but don’t like losing money $1 at a time, have we got the event for you. The Rock Lottery, a Denton and Seattle staple, is coming back to Denton again to celebrate it’s 12th year on Saturday, November 2nd.

Rock Lottery collects 25 local musicians from a variety of different backgrounds and randomly groups them together into five different bands. This happens pretty early in the morning. Twelve hours later, after having spent the day writing, practicing and shaking hands, these newly formed bands play three to five song sets that they’ve spent the day writing. The results are always interesting. Shucks, we’ve wished that several of the bands created during Rock Lottery would have gone on to stay together. Previous band names of note include A Rising Beacon of Enlightenment Chamber Orchestra, Savior Serpent, and The Ghost of John Bonerz Denton. They’re “of note” for obvious reasons.

This year, we’re pretty excited by the list of 25 musicians that will be participating. Julie Glover, Economic Development Program Administrator for the City of Denton, is apparently also a rocker. Local hard-thinker and Doug Burr drummer, Dave Sims, and members of the Dallas Cowboys drumline will also be in the pool. We’ve got some pretty exciting combinations in our head that we’re hoping play out. Anyway, check out the entire list of musicians below and get your tickets early.

  • Brandon Young (Cerulean Giallo, Quixod)
  • Brian Smith (Maleveller)
  • Burton Lee (Eleven Hundred Springs, Danny Rush and the DD’s)
  • Chase Johnson (Chambers, Sam Robertson)
  • Chris Bryan (Peopleodeon, Cool Womb)
  • Chris Mosley (Contempt Collective, Early Lines)
  • Chris Ott (Old Warhorse, Pinebox Serenade)
  • Chris “AV” Avant (AV the Great, Trunk Pop Click)
  • Cody Robinson (Paper Robot, Starhead)
  • Courtney Marie (Ella Minnow, Forever & Everest)
  • Dan Dockrill (Warren Jackson Hearne and Le Leek Electrique)
  • Daniel Ziegler (Endless Thoughts, Teenage Cool Kids)
  • Dave Sims (Doug Burr, Flowers of God)
  • Donovan Ford (New Science Projects, Elesh Norn)
  • Joey Kendall (Mount Righteous)
  • Julie Glover (Jeff Glover Band)
  • Kaleo Kaualoku (Spooky Folk)
  • Members of the Dallas Cowboys Drum Line
  • Mila Hamilton (Frauen, Jack with One eye)
  • Reece McLean (Bukkake Moms, Problem Dogg)
  • Rex Emerson (Boxcar Bandits, County Rexford)
  • Ryan Wasterlain (Summer of Glaciers, The Angelus)
  • Sashenka Lopez (Orange Coax, Christian! Teenage Runaways)
  • Scarlett Wright (Spooky Folk, Fishboy)
  • Spencer Stephenson (Botany)

Rock Lottery will be held on Saturday, November 2nd at Dan’s Silverleaf. $20 will get you into the selection ceremony and breakfast in the morning and evening general admission is only $15.