Nevada Hill

Artist Nevada Hill creates vibrant prints that are raw and full of energy.  The artist/designer has been making prints and designs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for seven years and has designed merchandise for  companies such as Cartoon Network/Adult swim, as well as posters for local bands.  


Hill recently had his second show at MeMe gallery.  "This show had a lot more art prints in it and less posters," Hill said. "The pieces are definitely larger but still retain the raw quality I strive for in all my work."

"A lot of my inspiration has to do with music and noise that I'm working on.  I try to make work that has a comic approach," Hill said.

In addition, the artist sites his young daughter's drawings and doodles as an inspiration.


Hills work has also been influenced  by his travels to Portugal ,as well as past work with the  now defunct Denton gallery and magazine Art Prostitute.

"I learned a lot working at Art Prostitute," Hill said."They taught me how to survive as an artist, how to get jobs, and be a jack-of-all-trades."

"The experiences in Portugal were amazing.  I got to be a part of a local art collective there, Tremazul, and got to participate in music and art shows," Hill said., "It really allowed me to continue expanding my horizons."

The artist hasn't slowed down since.  Hill is continually  occupied with new and exciting projects.  "I'm currently doing a redesign for Good Records and designing posters for up and coming bands."

"Im just looking forward to the future and making new work."

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