Secrets of Denton County

Hickory and South Austin St.

August is the month when we have to stop shopping at Kroger. It also happens to be the month when Denton is filled to the brim with fresh-faced UNT and TWU students. As these students attempt to grow out their first beards and lady-beards, they also miss out on a lot of cool stuff because they just didn't know any better.

The following list of secrets, tips and tricks about Denton is for those uninformed youngsters. Read through the lot of 'em. If you didn't know one or two of them, it's new to you, also. Feel free to add your own tips and tricks to the comments section of this post and inform us, too!

List of Denton Tips

1. Dan’s Silverleaf has delicious dinners served by Pam Chittenden (who also happens to be Dan Mojica's wife), every Wednesday evening at around 6ish (while we're at it, get used to hearing the word "around" and the suffix "-ish." They're used a lot in town). Dinner is $11, but only $10 if your bring your own plate. Pamfood, as it's known, sells out quick, so get there with your plate in hand early if you want topnotch grub for cheap. 

2. The Greenhouse has delicious fried olives that aren’t on the menu, but are available upon request. Also, there’s free jazz every Monday and Thursday evening at about 10pm at the Greenhouse.

3. Denton Public Library, of which there are three locations in town, has an excellent DVD and audiobook selection. And for those of you who are ditching Netflix this month, you can even start your own movie queue online and have an almost-constant supply of movies awaiting you every time you walk in. There is a limit of 10 DVDs at a time available to checkout and the default checkout time is 1 week.

4. If you like movies, but don’t like spending money, The Movie Tavern has $3 students discounts every Monday and Thursday. Also, the Movie Tavern plays awesome classic and cult movies during their Retro Cinema showings every weekend. Click here for the schedule.

5. If you get lost inside Recycled Books, follow the sign for “Astrology” books for about a mile and you will eventually end up in the bathroom at Rubber Gloves.

6. You would not guess from the interior (or exterior, for that matter), but Banter has a delicious selection of food for lunch and dinner including cherry couscous, gyros and some of the best sandwiches in Denton. Also, if you call ahead (and have enough people) they have a special tapas menu available that is also yummy.

7. The organic section inside Drug Emporium far outclasses The Cupboard in value, but lacks a large bulk selection.

8. Make it out to Denton Thrift.  They offer cool clothes at reasonable prices.  If you peruse blogs like PsiMadeThisyou can find the base products at Denton Thrift and then fake your way to semi-rural sartorial stardom.  

9. Taco Lady has the best tacos if you’re willing to go all the way across the tracks.  One could also make an argument for La Sabrocita on Dallas drive, too.

10. Do NOT go to Sukho Thai.

11. For those willing to brave fake flowers, vines, and old ladies: The Chestnut Tree has the best chicken salad sandwich in Denton... possibly DFW. Must have with homemade beer bread. They also have great pie AND free homemade mini muffins while you’re waiting on your order.

12. Midway Mart and Metzler's have the best selection of beer in town.  

13. The Garage has the best Happy Hour, featuring $.50 wells and drafts.

14. Wine2 can always give you great wine recommendations.

15. FOR THE LADIES: Don’t accept drinks from strangers on Fry St unless you want to end up spending the next day getting an emergency “check up.”

16. For the Guys: There are a lot of pretty girls in Denton. 487,152 of ‘em, to be exact. They’re cute, confusing, reticent and into bands you like, too. Choose the one that has the problems you’re willing to deal with and stick with her. A keeper usually has a cat or dog with a funny name and lots of cool stuff you didn’t even know existed in her apartment.  

17. Contrary to people belief, Denton is still a small town. If you kiss too many different people and don’t call them back, you can’t go to Dan’s anymore and that’s your loss. Also, some house parties are going to be pretty weird, too.  

18. That being said, go to house parties. They’re fun and there’s usually some good bands playing.  

19. Ravelin Bakery.

20. Don’t go to Cups and Crepes if you’re in a hurry. If you’re not, it’s great. Stick around and get the ricotta and fresh berry crepes. They have one of the best lattes in town, too. Don’t go stingy on coffee there.

21. Use the A-Train. It’s there for a reason.

22. Go to Andaman and have the poached banana in coconut cream for dessert. Thank us later.

23. Go to the Tuesday Bike Night if you’re a bike bro/broette and you need to meet other similar fixie-minded people.  They meet at the UNT Language Building every Tuesday at 9pm.

24. If you’re looking for booze, the closest place to town is Buckeye Cut Rate Liquor in Lake Dallas. Unfortunately, this place has the ambience of those Calvin Klein ads from the 90s. If you’re looking for a larger selection (and don’t want to worry about STDs living on the side of your bottles) drive to Paradise Liquor and Spirits in Justin instead.

25. When you’re coming back up from Paradise Liquor, take 377 back into town and on your way stop at Cachette Bakery for the best cupcakes in Denton County.

26. Don’t drive past 288 or 35 on 380 unless you’re headed to the Greenbelt and even that is full of snakes, mosquitoes and malaria. It’s still fun, though!

27. Don’t worry about giving Ramen Republic a try. It’s not worth it. #IeatatRamenRepublicwhen

28. In addition to having one of only two Cuban sandwiches in town, the Pourhouse has a very nice patio overlooking Unicorn Lake.

29. Contrary to popular belief, there’s an actual Unicorn living in Unicorn lake.  It guards a crystal of magnificent power called the Unicron. Each year, the most alternative person in Denton is awarded use of the Unicron for one semester.

30. Cafe Du Luxe is pretty great all around and from 4 to 7PM every Monday through Friday, all of their appetizers are half price and beer and house wines are $1 off.